Sovereign Council - World On Fire


Upcoming Release:

The upcoming EP "World on Fire" from the Canadian metal band SOVEREIGN COUNCIL, set to release in May 2023, takes listeners on a journey through a range of emotions and imagery. Vocalist Lisa Thompson's personal experiences inspire most of the five-song record, which showcases the band's evolution from previous releases. The title track, which is accompanied by a music video, has an edgy sound that still appeals to a wider audience. The band hopes that their fans will enjoy the EP and take something different from each song. "World on Fire" features dynamic solos and incredible vocal range, and is recommended for fans of Delain, Within Temptation, and Lacuna Coil.
Sovereign Council, hailing from Ottawa, Canada, have been making waves in the metal scene since their formation in 2012, with headlining shows and supporting slots for big metal bands. The band has released two full-length albums, "New Reign" in 2013 and "Laniakea" in 2015, and now they are gearing up to release their new EP, "World On Fire". The EP draws heavily from vocalist Lisa Thompson's personal experiences, and it promises to take listeners on a journey through a range of emotions, from inspiring and motivational to darker subject matter.
The band has released the title track as a single, along with a music video, which they feel is one of the strongest songs on the EP. The single has an edge to it, while still being accessible to a wider audience compared to their previous releases. Sovereign Council hopes that their listeners will enjoy the ride, with each band member taking a different meaning from the song.
Sovereign Council formed through their shared love of music and the emotional release that comes with writing, recording, and performing. They have evolved drastically since their formation and continue to change each time they write music. The band is proud of their new sound and looks forward to their continued growth and change.
"World On Fire" showcases dynamic solos and incredible vocal range, making it a must-listen.
Track Listing:​
1. World On Fire – 4:43
2. The Wait – 4:24
3. Aberration – 4:00
4. Breathe You In – 3:34
5. Of The Ashes – 4:13
EP Length: 20:52
EP pre-order is available at:
"Here's living proof that shows that Female-Fronted Symphonic Rock/Metal isn't an exclusive domain and does reach beyond the boundaries of the Netherlands and mainland Europe...The Euro Symphonic Rock connection is strengthened with Delain's Timo Somers pitching in with a trademark solo on the single 'The Human Condition', while the album also features Brazilian-based violinist Marina Andrade...An album with a title which offers up the suggestion that, like the galaxy it describes, is vast and with limitless boundaries, 'Laniakea' is a collection which is more epic and melodic rather than Symphonic and orchestral. It's going to be a record which has fans of Nightwish and Delain pricking up their ears as this is something along the same lines yet a little bit different." - Mike Ainscoe - Rocktopia (Laniakea - 2015)
"There are not many Symphonic Metal bands coming out of Canada at the moment, but Sovereign Council is certainly one band from that country to watch out for! This is a grower and well recommended..8.5/10" - Ravenheart Music (Laniakea - 2015)
"Here is another great work of this great band that will surely please the most demanding heavy metal fans as well as fans of good music in general." - Cássio Pagliarini - Heavy Metal Brasil (Laniakea - 2015)
"Progressive Symphonic Metal (new Canadian symphonic metal band that has a strong orchestral sound with some wonderful violin and piano along with the beautiful, theatrical vocals of Lisa Thompson contrasted against very harsh male vocals." - Prog Metal Zone - Prog Metal Zone (Laniakea - 2015)
“There is something hidden within Canada...I think this band will be hot in 2015.” - Odie - Rock Fanatic Rockcast (Laniakea - 2015)
“The CD is well-presented with a simple, but elegant album cover reminiscent of something House Of Lords might do, with a regal-looking logo that visually matches the image of the bands name. The back cover photo and layout messed up my brain. The band put a bit of time and energy into the 10-page booklet with nice photos, (the band look slightly gothic), lyrics and liner notes. It was self-produced and sounds quite good for a homemade recording…. This is a pretty impressive debut. The band has it together with good songwriting, production, performances and presentation. I could see a European label like Napalm or Massacre showing some interest in Sovereign Council, based on the strength of NEW REIGN.” - JP - (New Reign 2013)