Arched Fire - Fear


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Finnish metal band Arched Fire is back with a bang, ready to rock the music world with their new album Trust Betrayal. Following the success of their acclaimed debut album Remote Control in 2021, the band is expanding their musical spectrum with this new album.
According to Ari, the rhythm guitarist, the band didn't stop writing songs even after the release of their first album. They kept on writing until they had what they call Trust Betrayal, which is an album filled with old-school metal vibes and a lot of firepower.
The album kicks off with the singalong speed metal of "Fear" and "Self-Backstabbers" before moving to contagious headbangers like "Pestilence" (starring Tim "Ripper" Owens!) and "Corporal Abhorrence of Entrails." Arched Fire pays tribute to the mighty NWOBHM scene of the past in "Wings of Chrome," while "Oblivion" paints a post-apocalyptic picture.
From there, Trust Betrayal moves to darker themes like "Narcissist" and "Mastermind" before culminating in the epic finale of "Artificial Sun." The lyrics of the album are centered around the concept of trust, which is explored from different angles, including technology, environment, human nature, relationships, personal psyche, and religion.
Despite their old-school metal riffs, the lyrical themes of Trust Betrayal are a reflection of the present. The album features a critical take-a-stand message, but there is also room for interpretation. As Aslak, the drummer, puts it, "For me, Trust Betrayal is a significant title. On a personal level, it sums up my life during the past few years - in a positive way."
Arched Fire's Trust Betrayal is an album that metalheads won't want to miss, and it showcases the band's musical prowess and lyrical depth. The album is set to be released soon, and fans are eagerly awaiting its arrival. Arched Fire is certainly a band to watch out for in the Finnish metal scene and beyond.
"Trust Betrayal" tracklisting:
Blind Faith
Corporeal Abhorrence of Entrails
Wings of Chrome
Artificial Sun