Asylence - In This Hell


What's New:

Asylence, a melodic death metal band from Detroit's underground metal scene, released their first full-length album "Endanger Us All" in February 2023. The album is a blend of the band's old and new material, combining their staple live songs with newer tracks that showcase their evolution. The band members are proud of the album and believe it is their greatest effort yet. The album, produced, mixed, and mastered by guitarist Aaron Lumsden, is heavy and intense and warns of desperation. Asylence's latest music video for the track "In This Hell" is available on YouTube. The band believes that fans of Devildriver, Amon Amarth, and Arch Enemy will appreciate their sound.
Track Listing:​
1. A Call To Arms - 0:55
2. Endanger Us All - 3:53
3. The Garden of Disrespect - 3:34
4. Eternity, Please - 3:37
5. In Solidarity, We Die - 3:32
6. Arrows For Christ - 3:25
7. In This Hell - 3:47
8. Soulless - 3:32
9. A War Waging Within - 3:16
Album Length: 29:35
Album and Live Band Lineup:​
Ryan Lang - Vocals
Aaron Lumsden - Guitar
Alex Aubuchon - Drums
Richard Olrich - Bass Guitar

Asylence is a metal band with a name that combines the words "Asylum" and "Silence" to convey a message of mankind's constant suffering and failures. The group was formed by drummer Alex Aubuchon after his previous thrash band disbanded, and he recruited guitarist Aaron Lumsden and later, frontman Ryan Lang and bassist Richard Olrich. Hailing from Detroit's underground metal scene, Asylence has been performing with ferocity and intent since 2016, opening for notable acts such as Archspire and Belphegor. They have amassed a devoted fan base in the Midwest and beyond and are known for their fierce live performances.
Music Videos:
In Solidarity We Die:
"There's some truly fierce deathcore emerging from the Midwest. One of the most promising acts from the region is Asylence. Not only do they lean into the tropes of the genre (Gotta love that quick little bass fill before the vocals kick in!) but their brand new video, 'Arrows For Christ' is absolutely killer!" - Metal Injection​
​"Eulogy of Man features top musicianship and is a heavy, melodic, groove-laden group of songs sure to excite old-school heads as well as forward-thinking fans of modern bands." - Ghost Cult Magazine​
​"Michigan metal outfit Asylence have teamed up with Metal Insider to premiere a video for their emotionally-driven new song, “Endanger Us All.” - Metal Insider​
​"Melodic death metal powerhouse" - Decibel Magazine​
​"Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with going with a classic formula and hitting it out of the park." - Dead Rhetoric​
​"Nasty, angry, aggressive, and heavy. What’s not to like? Ranging from old-school death metal, black metal, and deathcore, it’s all here plus a shed load of real technical ability and attitude. The future’s bright for Asylence." - Myglobalmind Online Magazine​