Bloody Nightmare - Midnight Legion


Upcoming Release: BLOODY NIGHTMARE's 'Midnight Legion' - New Lyric Video from Upcoming Album 'Pillars of Chaos

Metal enthusiasts, prepare to headbang to BLOODY NIGHTMARE's upcoming album "Pillars of Chaos"! This Colombian Speed/Heavy Metal band has been thrashing since 2013, and they're poised to unleash their second full-length album on May 23rd, 2023, via Spanish label Fighter Records.
"Pillars of Chaos" is heavily influenced by the classic sounds of 80's Heavy & Speed Metal, with a fresh twist inspired by the NWOTHM movement. This album is sure to satisfy fans of both old-school and modern metal. The track list features ten face-melting tracks that will have you headbanging from start to finish.
If you can't wait until May 23rd to hear more, check out the lyric video for "Midnight Legion", the second advance single from "Pillars of Chaos", available now on YouTube. And make sure to follow BLOODY NIGHTMARE on their official Facebook page for more updates.
Their journey began in 2013 in Bogotá, Colombia, with the release of their demo "Fliddlerman Possessed". Since then, they've been on a mission to spread their brand of metal across the world. In 2016, they contributed to the Split-CD "Speed Legion", and the following year they released the single "Tormento Eterno". Their first full-length album, "Hellwolf", was unleashed in 2018, featuring the previously released single along with other tracks that showcased the band's raw energy and musicianship. In 2022, they appeared on the Split with Punisher & Cobra titled "Claws, Poison & Evil".
With "Pillars of Chaos", they're set to establish themselves among the titans of the genre. So mark your calendars and brace yourself for a metal assault like no other!
Till the Grave
Pillars of Chaos
Poisonous (Breathe the End)
Midnight Legion
Excessive Pleasure
Street Rock n' Roll
Just a Matter of Time
Celestial Wisdom