EMBR - Eyes Like Knives


EMBR is a heavy metal band hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, USA. This band has been making waves in the music scene with their unique sound that blends elements of doom, stoner, and sludge metal. Their powerful and haunting music draws inspiration from bands like Oceans of Slumber, Windhand, and High Priestess.
EMBR has a solid discography, with several releases under their belt. In 2016, they released their first EP, '261,' followed by '271' and '326:Spiritual Dialysis.' Their debut full-length album, '1823,' was released in 2023 by UK label New Heavy Sounds, which garnered critical acclaim. After the success of '1823,' EMBR released the four-song EP 'Idoltry' and a single for "Mary Did You Know" in December 2020.
In 2021, EMBR released a three-song EP titled '1021' to commemorate New Heavy Sound's 10-year anniversary, along with a cover of the Down classic "Bury Me in Smoke" in collaboration with DayGlo Mourning.
EMBR's upcoming album, which they used the current cultural chaos as fuel, will be released via Black Doomba Records. Tommy Stewart, owner of Black Doomba Records, expressed his excitement and pride in working with the band. He stated, "I'm very proud to be able to work with the unique sound and talents of EMBR. We'll have more information to release about their newest album describing the meaning of the album, title, and cover art soon, planned to be available in 2023."
EMBR's music is powerful and emotive, drawing from the chaos of life to create something beautiful. Fans of heavy, doom-laden music will find a lot to love in their unique sound. Keep an eye out for their new album, set to be released soon, and join EMBR on their journey through the darkness.