Natas Raw Project - CTRL


 What's New:
The Natas Raw Project has just released their debut album, "Chapter I", which offers a thrilling new adventure in artistic collaboration and freedom. The project was formed in 2019/2020 by Simone Pennucci, the guitarist, composer, and producer, after leaving Dresden Code. The band's concept is unique, as it provides a platform for guest musicians to come together, free from the limitations of traditional band structures, and express themselves artistically.
The album was created remotely during the pandemic and took two years to record, mix, and release due to restrictions. It features a variety of talented friends and musicians whose contributions are noted in the CD booklet and at the end of each song's lyrics. "Chapter I" is now available in digipak CD format and on various digital platforms.
With a second album already in the works and more exciting news on the horizon, Natas Raw Project is an unstoppable force in the metal world that fans won't want to miss.
Artist: Natas Raw Project
Release Title: Chapter I
Label: Self-Released
Release Date: February 13th, 2023.
Format: Digital, CD
Genre: Metal
Country: Italy
Marianna Silvestri: Clean vocals
Miriam Granatello: Scream/growl vocals
Simone Pennucci: Guitars/backing vocals
Andrea Di Martino: Guitars
Matteo Bianchini: Bass
Vincenzo "Natas Raw" Curcio: Drums

White Rabbits Don't Kill
Summer Leaves
At The Beginning Of Life
The Hate Made You High
A Touch Of Evil (Judas Priest cover)
In My Name (Bonus Track)