Nattsjäl - Valkyria


To Discover:

Nattsjäl, a powerful musical collective from Sweden, is inviting fans to experience their latest album "Of Chaos Supreme". Founded by Jonas Almqvist and Pierre Wilhelmsson, the creative force behind the renowned metal act MÅNEGARM, Nattsjäl has assembled a team of talented musicians to create a unique blend of Black Viking Folk Thrash Heavy Metal that will leave fans of Månegarm, Satyricon, and Celtic Frost begging for more.
Released on February 24th, 2023, "Of Chaos Supreme" is a self-produced, digital-only album that showcases the band's dedication to making music for the sheer joy of it. With a dynamic lineup featuring musicians from bands like Therion, Candlemass, and MÅNEGARM, Nattsjäl's new album is a thrilling journey through a world of chaos and rebirth.
The eight tracks on "Of Chaos Supreme" weave together haunting melodies, powerful guitar riffs, and captivating lyrics, inviting listeners to explore the depths of their own inner chaos. The album takes the listener on a journey through different emotions, from the epic clean vocals of Thomas Vikström on "Part 1 (The Awakening)" to the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Ellinor Widefors on "A Viel Of Sorrow". The album also features the folky compositions of Jan Liljekvist on the violin and the lead guitar of Robert Lindgren.
The album's cover art is created by Kris Verwimp, a well-known artist in the genre for his excellent work. The album was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Mr X, the drummer of the band, adding a personal touch to the album.
The album's tracklist is as follows: "Valkyria", "Part 1 (The Awakening)", "A Viel Of Sorrow", "Part 2 (Chaos Reborn)", "Of Chaos Supreme", "Dimma", "Höstmåne", and "Part 3 (The Chaosweaver)". The album's lyrics are primarily written by Pierre Vilhelmsson, who is also responsible for media and composition.
In addition to the band's core lineup, the album features additional contributions from professional composer and singer Stina Engelbrecht and multi-instrumentalist Jens Engelbrecht. The album is released on the band's own label, Self-Released, in digital format.
Overall, "Of Chaos Supreme" is a powerful and captivating album that showcases Nattsjäl's unique. Fans of Månegarm, Satyricon, and Celtic Frost will definitely want to check out this album and join the band on their journey through chaos, rebirth, and self-discovery.