Of Romulus - Of Romulus


What's New: Star Trek Metal! OF ROMULUS (Members of Helion Prime, ex-Dire Peril) Explore Their Inner Trekkie Power Metal w/ Debut Single

Heather Michele and Jason Ashcraft of Helion Prime have reunited with ex-Dire Peril bassist Chelsea McMasters to form a new project called "Of Romulus." The debut single, which shares the same name as the project, is aimed at both Star Trek and metal fans. The song was mixed by Michael Goodrich, mastered by Ted Whitten Media, and drums were played by Justin Tvetan. The band members comment on their excitement for the project and song, with Heather Michele being thrilled to work with Chelsea and write about something close to her heart. Meanwhile, Jason Ashcraft is excited to work with Heather again and is confident that fans of old Helion Prime will be pleased. Finally, Chelsea McMasters is excited to be a part of the new project and thinks that sci-fi fans will enjoy the first release. "Of Romulus" is a sci-fi concept album about Romulans, who are distant cousins of Vulcans, and most of the songs are about episodes of Star Trek.
Of Romulus is:
Heather Michele - Vocals
Jason Ashcraft - Guitars
Chelsea McMasters - Bass