Scum Giant


What's New:

Scum Giant, the legendary sludge metal band, has released a new 4-song EP titled "SPACE VAMPIRE" following their participation in the Weedian Trip To Illinois compilation. Vocalist/guitarist DANIMAL and drummer/producer SQUACHEK, longtime collaborators, team up to deliver a hauntingly grim and guttural sound. The EP covers themes of heartbreak, betrayal, loss, and twisted killers, all set against a backdrop of decay and societal turmoil. Scum Giant has been making music since the early 90s, when they released their debut album "Have A Seat" under the name Cerebral Compression on Wild Rags Records. With a repertoire that spans heavy country, heavy house, and heavy metal, Scum Giant remains the go-to band for scummy giants and dirgey music. So, grab a bottle of cheap whiskey and hit the bong, it's time to toast to the macabre artwork and let Scum Giant take you on a journey into the depths of despair.