Sviet Margot - Tales & Tales

Upcoming Release:

Italian alt-rock band Sviet Margot has recently released their latest album "Into the Badlands". The album features 13 tracks that combine elements of powerful electronic pop and hard rock, inspired by Japanese manga/anime. The female vocalist's performance varies between light melodic and rhythmic pop and lyrical parts. According to the band, the album reflects the ups and downs of life, with energetic and intimate songs that converge towards the Badlands, a symbolic representation of life's battlefield. The band's music serves as a means to play down the battles of life with their spirit and creativity

Sviet Margot, an Italian band with a name derived from the Russian word for "light" and Lupin III's seductive character, produces an energetic and sparkling sound led by sensual female vocals ranging from crystal-clear to gritty and sometimes lyrical. Their music spans various genres including Pop Rock, Jazz, Progressive, and J Rock.
The band boasts two albums, "Spiriti di Luce" (2013) and "Glance to Infinity" (2016), with "Calore" (from "Spiriti di Luce") selected by Warner Records for the 20th Century Fox film soundtrack, "How to find the wrong man in the right way".
Sviet Margot is highly acclaimed in the live scene, having performed alongside Poets of the Fall, Guano Apes, and Finnish vampire rockers, The 69 Eyes.
1. All I Need
2. Tales & Tales
3. Crystal Tears
4. Distante da chi
5. Waterfire
6. Limitless Change
7. Into the Badlands
8. Blood Lipstick
9. Hope in Fire
10. Blue Mind
11. Wings of a Star
12. Angel of the Moon
13. Margot