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The Sound Comet: French Alternative Rock Band with Diverse Influences
The Sound Comet is a French alternative rock band with five members who come from experienced backgrounds in a variety of genres, from pop to metal, and punk to name a few. This eclectic mix of influences is evident in the band's powerful and energetic sound, combining elements of ambiance and rock to create a unique listening experience. The group's music is characterized by carefully crafted compositions, inspired guitar solos, and polished English lyrics.
The band's first EP, "Soundcheck," was recorded at Le Pressoir studio (known for working with Lofofora, Burning Heads, Les Wampas, Aston Villa, and more), mixed by OBmix, and mastered by Globe Audio (known for working with Noir Désir, Psykup, Lysistrata, and others). The EP was released on April 21, 2023, through M&O Music.
The Sound Comet's sound is a perfect match for fans of 90s rock. With their diverse backgrounds and expert musicianship, this group promises to take listeners on a journey through powerful, soulful music that defies easy categorization. Keep an eye out for "Soundcheck" and future releases from The Sound Comet, as they will continue to forge their unique path in the world of rock music.


The Sound Comet - "A Moth to a Flame"