1945 - "Heavy Metal is not for sale"


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1945 Unleashes a Fiery Storm with "Heavy Metal is not for sale"
Prepare to be swept away by a tempest of pure heavy metal as 1945 storms onto the scene with their debut album, "Heavy Metal is not for sale". Released on December 17th, 2021, this Spanish powerhouse delivers a relentless barrage of headbanging anthems that will leave metalheads craving for more.
Formed in the spring of 2016, 1945 is the brainchild of five experienced musicians hailing from other notable bands such as K-OS, Evil Rise, and Sarah Evil. Their collective expertise culminates in an explosive and vigorous blend of metal styles, boasting an impressive display of strength and speed.
Having garnered acclaim with their debut EP, "ACT I", released in 2018, 1945 set out on a mini-tour across Spain and the UK. However, their journey was met with unexpected challenges, including the onset of a global pandemic and some lineup changes. Undeterred, they forged ahead, honing their sound and refining their craft to unleash their full-length album, "Heavy Metal is not for sale".
With 11 adrenaline-fueled tracks, this album is a testament to the band's unwavering commitment to pure heavy metal. Drawing influences from iconic acts like Judas Priest, Megadeth, Metallica, and Testament, 1945 infuses their own unique energy and style into each composition. From blazing guitar solos to thunderous drumming, and powerful vocals that soar with passion, these songs are a sonic feast for metal enthusiasts.
To give you a taste of the fiery storm that awaits, 1945 has unveiled a captivating video for one of their standout tracks. Brace yourself as the band unleashes their full might, captivating you with their explosive performance and infectious energy.
If you're ready to embark on a headbanging journey, make sure to check out 1945 on Spotify and add them to your playlists. Their music is a testament to the enduring spirit of heavy metal, and they are poised to carve their own path in the metal scene.
Sheyla Sergio: Vocals
Javier Rubio: Bass
Gorka RC: Guitars
Diego González: Guitars
Jose Angel koko: Drums
Embrace the power of "Heavy Metal is not for sale" and let 1945 reignite your passion for pure, unadulterated heavy metal. It's a sonic assault that demands to be heard and experienced. Stay tuned for the metal onslaught that awaits, as 1945 takes the world by storm.
Check out the fiery video for a taste of their metal mayhem:
Prepare to raise your horns and join the ranks of 1945's devoted followers. Heavy metal is alive and thriving, and 1945 is here to prove that it's a force to be reckoned with. \m/
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