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Achachak - "Orange Moon"
In a world where the celestial meets the stoner, Croatian rock titans Achachak graced us with their latest sonic offering in August 2022, "Orange Moon." This masterpiece of melodic wizardry served as the second single from their highly acclaimed third opus, "Planet Hashish," which descended upon us in March 2022 like a cosmic storm.
"Orange Moon" weaves a tale of cosmic fascination, delving into the mystical energy of the lunar entity, its radiant colors, and the deep meaning it holds. As the band so eloquently puts it, "Aussi sanglant que cela puisse être, nous, les gens, voyons ce que nous voulons voir." The music video was forged within the hallowed walls of CCC Studio in Split, Croatia, as Achachak meticulously crafted their sonic masterpiece, "Planet Hashish."
Prepare to have your senses shattered as you dive headfirst into the abyss of Achachak's "Orange Moon" by following this link:
Brace yourself for an odyssey of sonic ecstasy as the band's raw power merges seamlessly with mind-altering melodies.
Achachak has emerged as a cosmic force in the stoner rock realm, captivating listeners with their unique blend of transcendental grooves and mind-bending musicality. "Planet Hashish," their third sonic offering, solidifies their position as one of Croatia's most visionary musical entities, pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration to the outermost reaches of the galaxy. With each note, they transport listeners to otherworldly dimensions where time stands still, and the essence of rock 'n' roll reigns supreme.
So, fellow travelers of the astral plane, join Achachak on their intergalactic odyssey as "Orange Moon" ignites the fires of your imagination. Surrender to the intoxicating rhythms, and let the power of stoner rock wash over you like a tidal wave of euphoria. Brace yourselves, for Achachak's cosmic journey has only just begun, and they invite you to join them on this mind-altering expedition through the sonic cosmos.
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