Cromagnum - Tunguska


It was released in 2021:

Montreal's CroMagnum delighted fans in 2021 with the long-awaited release of their debut single, "Tunguska", accompanied by an enthralling music video. This served as a tantalizing glimpse into their EP, aptly titled "Born Free". The band members were elated to share this labor of love, showcasing their growth and musical development.
"Born Free" offered a more intricate and refined sound compared to their earlier work. With the addition of a second guitar and a refined melodic approach, CroMagnum elevated their musical prowess. The music video for "Tunguska" flawlessly captured the band's signature power-packed riffs and raw energy. In their own words, the band explained that the song reflected the blazing atmospheric entry of a mysterious space object that descended upon the Russian northern tundra over a century ago. Musically, it was an unrelenting assault of searing riffs delivered at breakneck speed, leaving no room for respite.
The EP featured a total of five tracks, each unleashing thunderous waves of primal force. CroMagnum aimed to empower listeners, offering a dynamic and captivating experience throughout the entire record. 
The EP's distinctiveness and originality set the band apart from others in the genre, surprising listeners with unexpected twists and turns.
The music video production was skillfully handled by Alain Londero, while the filming was executed by the talented one-woman crew, Maude Baillargeon. Maximus Rex, one of the band members, even took it a step further by crafting a comic book that shared the EP's title, providing an immersive experience beyond the music.

CroMagnum garnered acclaim and was highly recommended for fans of iconic bands like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, and Judas Priest. Their unique blend of power riffage and raw intensity solidified their position as a formidable force in the music scene. Although "Born Free" was released in 2021, its impact continues to resonate with fans. As we look back on this groundbreaking EP, we can't help but anticipate the future sonic adventures CroMagnum has in store for us.