Ethereal Void - Seeds of Hatred


Upcoming Release:

Behold Ethereal Void, a Canadian death metal band, is preparing to release their third album "Gods of a Dead World". The band's music blends the melody of death metal with a sinister groove and progressive flair, exploring concepts of entropy, decay, void, and ruin.
The new album promises to be raw, visceral, and primitive, diverging from their previous works. The album's second single, "The Voiceless", is a chaotic song that deals with a mass exodus of people in a different existential realm.
The album is set to release on May 26, 2023, via Abstrakted Records and recommended for fans of Gojira, Septic Flesh, and The Design Abstract. The tracklist for the album includes nine songs, with a total length of 26 minutes and 50 seconds. Ethereal Void's music is inspired by the darkness within humanity and the universe, and "Gods of a Dead World" promises to defile all that has come before.
Track Listing:​
1. Overture to Annihilation (1:35)
2. The Faceless (2:59)
3. Seeds of Hatred (3:44)
4. The Art of Ruination (2:48)
5. Psychosomatic Suicide (2:59)
6. Decay (Interlude) (0:46)
7. Return to the Void (3:34)
8. The Brown Stone Spire (2:32)
9. Gods of a Dead World (5:49)
Album Length: 26:50