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Hellfury Thrashes with Blistering Single "Cost of Life"
Get ready to be thrown into a whirlwind of thrash and punk mayhem as Hellfury unleashes their latest sonic assault, the scorching single "Cost of Life." Released on October 25th, 2021, this track is a furious anthem that will leave metalheads craving for more.
If you're a fan of Sacrilege, Discharge, and Municipal Waste, then Hellfury is about to become your new favorite weapon of sonic destruction. Hailing from the blistering hotbed of metal in Austin, Texas, this crossover thrash outfit has been blazing their own trail since their formation in October 2017. Combining elements of heavy metal, hardcore, and a dash of crust punk, Hellfury fearlessly bridges the gaps between genres, forging a sound that is uniquely their own.
"Cost of Life" hits you like a sledgehammer to the skull. From the thunderous drums to the blistering guitar riffs and the venomous vocals that spit fire, this track is an all-out assault on the senses. It's an adrenaline rush of high-octane energy and relentless aggression that will leave you gasping for breath and craving more.
But Hellfury isn't all about delivering a brutal beatdown. They inject a healthy dose of humor into their ferocious sound, reminding us that metal doesn't always have to be deadly serious. Their music invites you to headbang, mosh, and let loose, all while embracing the rebellious spirit that defines the metal community.
To give you a taste of the carnage that awaits, Hellfury has unleashed a fiery video for "Cost of Life" that captures the raw energy and intensity of their explosive live performances. Brace yourself as the band unleashes their fury, shredding through the song with a ferocity that will leave you breathless.
If you're ready to embrace the chaos, mark your calendars for October 25th, 2021, when Hellfury's "Cost of Life" will be unleashed upon the world. Prepare to have your eardrums shattered and your senses overwhelmed by their uncompromising blend of thrash and punk. No eardrum will be left unscathed, and no pit will remain unmoshed.
So, don your leather jacket, lace up your boots, and unleash your inner mosh warrior. Hellfury is here to ignite the flames of rebellion and remind us all of the true spirit of metal. Stay tuned for "Cost of Life" and be prepared to have your speakers shaken and your eardrums obliterated.
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Prepare for the onslaught of Hellfury's "Cost of Life," and brace yourself for a sonic journey that will leave you exhilarated and hungry for more.