High Desert Queen & Blue Heron - Turned To Stone Chapter 8: The Wake


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Turned to Stone: Chapter 8 Unleashes Desert Heat and Riff-Obsessed Madness
Get ready to have your eardrums scorched and your senses drenched in heavy desert vibes as Ripple Music proudly presents Chapter 8 of their monumental Turned to Stone split series. This time, they've brought together two bands that embody the very essence of the Southwest: High Desert Queen, the riff-obsessed Texans, and Blue Heron, the heavy, hard-rocking desert-dwellers from New Mexico. With their combined forces, these bands have created a weighty split LP that will leave you gasping for air and begging for more.
The desert connection is no coincidence here. High Desert Queen and Blue Heron have tapped into the mystique and power of their arid surroundings, channeling the scorching heat, rugged landscapes, and otherworldly allure into their music. From the first note to the last, this split LP takes you on a journey through a sonic desert, where riffs reign supreme, and the air crackles with intensity.
High Desert Queen kicks off the split with their riff-driven assault that hits like a sledgehammer. Their sonic onslaught is as relentless as the unforgiving desert sun, leaving no room for mercy. Tracks like "Black Moon" and "Roll the Dice" are a showcase of their mastery over heavy, groove-laden riffs that will rattle your bones and leave you yearning for more. These Texans know how to turn up the heat and make the desert come alive through their music.
On the flip side, Blue Heron takes you deeper into the heart of the desert, where the air is thick with anticipation and the spirits of rock 'n' roll roam free. Their hard-hitting, heavy rock sound is infused with desert psychedelia and bluesy undertones, creating a sonic landscape that's equal parts hypnotic and explosive. With tracks like "Able Baker" and "Superposition", Blue Heron weaves together intricate guitar work, thunderous rhythms, and soulful vocals to create a mesmerizing experience that will leave you entranced.
But be warned, dear listener, the Turned to Stone: Chapter 8 split LP is not for the faint of heart. It's a sonic journey that demands your undivided attention and a willingness to embrace the power of the riff. So crank up the volume, close your eyes, and let the desert sun seep into your soul as you immerse yourself in this monumental collaboration.
Ripple Music has once again delivered a gem with Turned to Stone: Chapter 8. Their commitment to showcasing the best of the underground rock and metal scene is commendable, and this split LP is no exception. With its raw energy, blistering riffs, and undeniable desert charm, it's a testament to the power of independent music and the enduring spirit of rock 'n' roll.
Don't miss your chance to experience the desert madness of High Desert Queen and Blue Heron. Dive into the scorching tones of the Southwest, let your brain bake in 100-degree delirium, and emerge from this sonic journey forever changed. Turned to Stone: Chapter 8 - The Wake is available now on Ripple Music's Bandcamp page, where you can fully surrender to the desert's embrace.
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