JARDA - Rockaine


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JARDA Ignites the Portuguese Metal Scene with with a powerful Thrash'n'Roll
Prepare to be blown away as the thunderous sounds of JARDA reverberate through the Portuguese underground music scene. Hailing from the mighty city of Porto, this band brings forth a heavy and unique sonic assault that sets them apart from their peers.
JARDA is a force to be reckoned with, paying homage to the ferocious realms of thrash'n'roll while staying true to their classic rock heritage. Drawing influences from the likes of Crisix, Lich King, Kyuss, and Orange Goblin, they have crafted a sound that is distinctly their own. With a diverse range of vocal styles distributed among all band members, JARDA delivers a thrilling and dynamic listening experience.
Their explosive debut EP, "Rockaine," unleashed upon the world in 2022, was meticulously recorded at Mindset Studios by the talented André Cardoso. This sonic masterpiece serves as an ode to the addictive power of rock, both for the band and their ever-growing legion of devoted fans. As the battle cry of "We are Jardanation!" reverberates through their electrifying live performances, it is abundantly clear that JARDA has cultivated a dedicated and passionate following.
For those eager to immerse themselves in the electrifying world of JARDA, their music is readily available online, and their EP can be purchased for a truly immersive experience. We guarantee that once you delve into the sonic realms crafted by JARDA, you will be left craving for more.
It's no secret that "Rockaine" did not receive the widespread acclaim it truly deserves upon its initial release. However, the time has come to rectify this injustice and finally give this EP the attention it demands. Let us shine the spotlight once again on this raw and untamed masterpiece, showcasing the immense talent of JARDA.
Band: Jarda
Title: Rockaine
Label: Self-released
Release Date: April 7, 2022

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Join the ranks of the Jardanation and witness the rise of JARDA as they conquer new sonic territories with their captivating blend of thrash'n'roll mastery. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming live performances and releases, as this band is destined for greatness. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey through the realms of heavy metal with JARDA leading the charge.