KRASHKARMA - Falling To Pieces


Upcoming Release:

Los Angeles-based KRASHKARMA is a dynamic and electrifying metal duo consisting of Niki Skistimas, a female drummer and vocalist, and Ralf Dietel, a guitarist/bassist and co-vocalist. With an impressive track record that includes over 3 million views on their YouTube channel, more than 100,000 followers on Facebook, and over 600 shows performed worldwide, the band is set to release their sixth studio album titled "Falling To Pieces" in June 2023 via Rockshots Records.

KRASHKARMA - Falling To Pieces

The duo self-produced the album, which features 12 tracks that take listeners on a journey from start to finish, with soaring melodies, crushing riffs, and blistering solos interplaying with the vocal harmonies that KRASHKARMA is known for. The album is a representation of the universal human experience, where the blending of differences creates something extraordinary.
"Falling To Pieces," the album's title track and first single, showcases all the elements that make KRASHKARMA unique, with a melodic heavy riff that quickly moves into hard-hitting verses and a bittersweet chorus. The lyrics describe the feeling of being lost in darkness and slowly falling apart, with a sense of being unable to turn back. The song ends with the protagonist crossing over into the unknown and fading away, like a star in the sky.
Fans of Lacuna Coil, In Flames, and Stone Sour will love "Falling To Pieces," which is heavier and better than anything KRASHKARMA has ever done before, according to drummer/vocalist Niki Skistimas. The album is available for pre-order on the band's website.
Track Listing:​
1. Falling To Pieces - 3:43
2. 15 Minutes Of Pain - 4:50
3. Survive The Afterlife - 3:42
4. Tap Dancing Through Minefields - 4:12
5. Last Rites - 5:23
6. Voodoo Devil Drums - 3:28
7. How God Lost Her Virginity - 4:08
8. Orphans In Zombieland - 4:00
9. Shut Up - 2:36
10. Fireball - 2:24
12. Before The World Moved On - 5:42
Album Length: 48:32
Niki Skistimas - Drums/Vocals
Ralf Dietel - Guitar/Bass/Vocals

Tour Dates:​
June 3 - Rock in Rebrech - Orleans, FRANCE
June 18 - Logo - Hamburg, GERMANY (with Butcher Babies)
June 20 - Cassiopeia - Berlin, GERMANY (with Butcher Babies)
June 21 - Hydrozagadka - Warsaw, POLAND (with Butcher Babies)
June 22 - Tama - Poznan, POLAND (with Butcher Babies)
July 19 - Sunshine Studios - Colorado Springs, CO USA
July 21 - King Of Clubs - Columbus, OH USA
July 22 - Nicstock - Norwich, NY USA
August 3 - Queyrock Open Air Festival - Ginestet, FRANCE
August 16 - Malmofestivalen Rock Stage - Malmo, SWEDEN
August 18 - Backstage ROCKS - Högbo, SWEDEN
September 1 - Alhambra - Luckenwalde, GERMANY
September 2 - Merseburger Rocknacht - Merseburg, GERMANY
September 21 - Le Brin De Zinc - Barberaz, FRANCE
September 25 - Cherrydon - Marseille, FRANCE
September 30 - Handi Rock Bike Festival - FRANCE
November 3-5 - Horns Up Metal Cruise - Oslo, NORWAY

"Album of the month!” -Rock City Magazine
"Some of the catchiest Rock metal I've EVER heard." -Battlehelm Mag
“...aces in songwriting that need to be heard. 10 out of 10 points.” -Terrorverlag
“...concentrated energy that is released with their mix of Rock, Metal, Hardcore and electronic elements.” -Zillo
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“Erotic-melodic with heavy beats, KrashKarma play Rock for the 21st century.” -Sonic Seducer
“...a highlight of modern, song-oriented Alternative Rock.”
“...have a freshness that balances everything” -Sleaze Metal
“...this is banging from the first to the last minute.” -Legacy
“...the strongest song material” -Heavy Magazine
“Brutal and dancable at the same time.” -The-Pit
“...the biggest surprise! ”
“...promising mix of Industrial Metal, Alternative Rock, a graceful female singer and aggresive male vocals.” -Rock Hard