Mask Of Satan - Corpsewitch


It was released in 2021:

Unleashing Finnish Death Metal Madness: Mask of Satan's "Underneath The Mire" Album
Iron, blood, and Death Corp collide in a sonic onslaught as Mask of Satan, the Finnish death dealers, unleashed their second album, "Underneath The Mire", in a blood-soaked tribute to the golden era of death metal in 2021.
Mask Of Satan - Corpsewitch
Drawing inspiration from a legendary horror film of the past, Mask of Satan delivered a guttural onslaught that left fans gasping for air. With a lethal mix of brutality and groove, this album paid homage to the old schoolers while carving its own path of sonic destruction. The dark lyrics, as always, found their roots in the macabre tales of H. P. Lovecraft.
The lineup for this unholy creation included M on bass, O on drums, and S on guitars, with vocalist Brother W unleashing a relentless torrent of guttural madness. Under the malevolent influence of planetary alignment in the fall of 2020, these death metal warriors forged an album that encapsulated the very essence of their genre.
Mixed and mastered by the ominous W.Horepreacher, the album boasted a chilling logo crafted by Jenglot Hitam, and haunting artwork by Mortensis Artwork. Taru R and S captured the band's essence through their lens, while all songs were composed by the sinister collaboration of M and S. M took charge of the menacing lyrics that sent shivers down the spines of listeners.
The album featured guest solos by Latghor on tracks IV and VII, adding a new layer of madness to the already intense compositions. It stood as a tribute to the memory of A.M., the O.G.Witch, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of metal history.
"Underneath The Mire" became an instant must-listen for aficionados of Six Feet Under, Necrophagia, Bloodbath, Deicide, and all those who reveled in the glory of old-school death metal. The abyss awaited, and Mask of Satan was here to guide fans through the depths of sonic hell.