Medevil - Among Thieves


What's New:

In April, Medevil performed at the Hyperspace MetalFest in Vancouver with Eric Willmott, the ex-vocalist of Apprentice and Meridius, filling in for the band's lead singer Liam Collingwood. The band has now announced that Willmott will continue to perform as their lead vocalist in future live performances and upcoming studio albums. However, Collingwood will still be involved creatively and will perform various singing roles on future albums.

Medevil - Among Thieves

Medevil released their new album "Mirror in the Darkness" on April 7th, which is a tribute to their late drummer Chris Malcolmson. The album is more progressive and ambitious than their debut album "Conductor of Storms", with a darker mood and consistent themes about heavy personal issues. Medevil also experimented with new metal flavors unheard from their previous tracks, with inspiration drawn from other heavy metal influences such as Opeth, Porcupine Tree, and Mastodon. The album's flow was designed to be listened to from start to finish, with a lot of variety that will be appreciated by fully engaged listeners.
The band recommends the album for fans of Metal Church, Accept, and Baroness. Medevil will perform at The Wise in Vancouver, BC, with Iron Kingdom on June 9th. Fans can listen to "Mirror in the Darkness" on Bandcamp and Spotify and watch the lyric video for "Among Thieves."
Upcoming Events: ​​
June 9 - The Wise - Vancouver, BC w/ Iron Kingdom
Track Listing:​
1. Dead Before Birth (6:18)
2. Among Thieves (5:00)
3. Pray for Me (6:35)
4. The Signal (7:22)
5. Smoke and Mirrors (1:48)
6. Weight of the Crown (4:18)
7. Mirror in the Darkness (8:31)
8. Gateways (2:41)
9. Veiled (3:56)
10. No Peace in Rest (9:23)
Album Length: 55:58
Album Recording Lineup:​
Liam Collingwood - Vocals
Gary Cordsen - Lead Guitar
Brett Gibbs - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals
Eric Wesa - Bass & Backup Vocals
Chris Malcolmson – Drums

Medevil is a highly energetic metal band that started in Chilliwack, British Columbia in 2014. They are known for their tight songwriting, intense stage presence, and roaring vocals. The band's music is described as "power thrash", with half of their set being chorus-driven, and the other half focusing on blistering fast riffs. Their influences include Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Metal Church. Medevil was one of the six national finalists of the 2015 Wacken Metal Battle Canada, which helped to earn them much praise and respect in their hometown and across Vancouver.
The band consists of Liam Collingwood on vocals, Eric Wesa on bass, Ross Collingwood on drums, and Gary Cordsen and Brett Gibbs on guitar. The lineup was solidified just two months after the band's inception, and they wasted no time performing shows and starting their musical journey. Medevil has two common goals: to explore their musical talents and continue performing live for their fast-growing fanbase. Liam Collingwood keeps the band's image in theme with the songs when on stage and will wear thematic outfits when the mood demands it.
Their high-energy performances and catchy songs keep the crowd chanting throughout their set, leaving them wanting more. The band has become increasingly renowned throughout Canada and beyond, with a following in their local town and across Vancouver. Medevil's success has also led to them being chosen as one of the performers at the sold-out Hyperspace MetalFest in Vancouver, BC in April 2023, where they impressed fans and took the stage by storm with the support of vocalist Eric Willmott.
"At fifty six minutes in length, some listeners may be daunted by the sheer amount of Medevil they are being asked to absorb, but I can quite honestly say that there is not one second wasted here as the band deliver one of the most compelling, absorbing albums I’ve heard in quite some while.
Congratulations to all involved." - Sentinel Daily​
​"Medevil - Pray For Me - Six great new prog tracks you really must listen to!" - Prog Mag (March 6, 2023)​
​"a heavy onslaught of aggressive and menacing metal with moments of progressive diversion and musical exploration." - Metal Roos​
​"The band has expanded their approach from their debut, writing songs that are more complex and progressive. Tracks like “Dead Before Birth” are intense and bombastic, while songs such as “Pray For Me” are mellower and more expansive. There are a few shorter numbers, but Medevil prefer extended compositions, with several tracks in the 6 to 9 minute range. The Udo Dirkschneider-esque vocals may be polarizing, but the songs are engaging and the musicianship impressive." - Heavy Music Headquarters​
​"There are more twists that catch you off guard here (Dead Before Birth), and is the perfect way to kick off “Mirror in the Darkness”. It’s probably their most complicated song rhythmically, and while they didn’t originally write this thinking it should be complex, it seemed to happen naturally with the riffs they were coming up with at the time. Somehow despite that complexity, it’s also extremely catchy." - First Angel Media​
​"The sequel doesn't disappoint in any way. The listening pleasure increases with every single track. Nothing is veiled (“Veiled”) here, the bandwidth of musical ability is lived out openly. Who or what to emphasize here is up to you. I recommend “Pray for Me”, “Weight of the Crown” and “Veiled” as check out tips. With the mirror of darkness you can see the direction: it's going forward!! My rating is a full 10 Hellfire points." - Hellfire Magazin​
​"Medevil has put their thinking caps on for this because there are some really interesting songs on this. There’s something for everyone on this so it will appeal universally to metalheads everywhere. Something is happening in Canada because this is about the tenth release I’ve reviewed, and they are all of high quality and pretty diverse. The question is – what will Medevil do next? They’re going to have to go some to top this. Score: 9/10" - My Global Mind​
​"Medevil’s overall sound is often interesting, like a weird mash-up of Metal Church and 90s prog-metal acts like Wicked Maraya. Cool ideas populate nearly every song and there are a collection of killer moments that hook the ear " - Angry Metal Guy​
​"Overall, a heavy onslaught of aggressive and menacing metal with moments of progressive diversion and musical exploration." - Metal Gods Tv​