Oceanlord - Kingdom


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Australian Doom Titans Oceanlord Set to Unleash Their Debut Album "Kingdom Cold" - Prepare for an Epic Downpour of Darkness!
Oceanlord - Kingdom

Hey there, fellow metalheads! Get ready to be swallowed by a tempestuous sea of doom, as the Australian behemoths known as Oceanlord are about to release their highly anticipated debut album, "Kingdom Cold," on May 26. Brace yourselves for a journey into the heart of darkness that will leave you yearning for more. Stay tuned, for Oceanlord is about to drown the world in a tidal wave of epic doom!
Hailing from the land down under, Oceanlord has been steadily crafting their signature blend of bone-crushing riffs, haunting melodies, and earth-shaking grooves. With "Kingdom Cold," they are poised to carve their name into the annals of doom metal history. This album promises to be a brooding masterpiece, an abyssal descent into the depths of melancholic heaviness.
But that's not all, folks! On June 16, Oceanlord will be embarking on their very first international conquest as they take the stage at Stay Gold, supporting none other than the mighty Deville. Prepare yourselves for a night of sonic devastation, as Oceanlord's cataclysmic performance sets the stage ablaze and leaves no soul unscathed. Joining them on this treacherous journey are the formidable bands Sunbury and Canberra, who will add their own explosive energy to the mix.
With their doom-laden soundscapes and powerful stage presence, Oceanlord is ready to engulf the world in an unrelenting tempest of melancholy and sonic despair. "Kingdom Cold" will serve as their war cry, resonating with the souls of the lost and the downtrodden. This album is not for the faint of heart but for those who embrace the darkness and find solace in its embrace.
The members of Oceanlord, shrouded in mystery and cloaked in shadows, have dedicated their lives to summoning the darkest depths of doom. With a sound that invokes images of desolate landscapes and haunted cathedrals, they have captured the hearts of doom metal enthusiasts worldwide.
So, my fellow disciples of doom, prepare your funeral attire and gather your black candles, for Oceanlord is about to take you on a haunting journey through the abyss. "Kingdom Cold" will be your guide as you descend into the depths of despair, the soundtrack to your eternal pilgrimage through the shadows.
Be warned, however, as prolonged exposure to Oceanlord's epic compositions may result in an insatiable hunger for slow, crushing riffs and soul-crushing atmospheres. Side effects may include an uncontrollable urge to don a cape and recite incantations in ancient tongues. Embrace the darkness at your own risk, but remember, it's all in the name of epic doom!
So, mark your calendars and prepare for a cataclysmic event on May 26 when Oceanlord's "Kingdom Cold" is unleashed upon the world. And don't miss their monumental performance alongside Deville on June 16 at Stay Gold, as they embark on their merciless album launch tour. The tides of doom are rising, and Oceanlord will be at the helm, guiding you through the murky depths of metal madness.
Now, go forth and spread the gospel of doom, my friends. Let the echoes of Oceanlord's mighty sound reverberate through your very core, and remember, in the darkness, we find solace, in the doom, we find salvation.
Stay heavy, stay doomy, and keep rocking the abyss! \m/