Our Common Sense - Harbinger of Calamity


To Discover:

Belgian post-metal band Our Common Sense was released their album "Harbinger of Calamity" via Wormholedeath in 2021.
The band's music is a combination of mesmerizing riffs and the heavier genres with a blend of stoner, sludge, and doom references. The album's songs have a slow, brooding quality that draws the listener in, building to powerful crescendos that create a sense of epic grandeur.
"Icarus Complex" is a prime example of the band's unique style, with its melancholy guitar riffs and powerful drumming. The track is an emotional rollercoaster that explores the limits of human ambition and the consequences of overreaching.
The band is comprised of Thomas De Wispelaere, Stijn Beeckman, Glenn Thienpont, Jelle Baetslé, and Seppe Baetslé, all of whom contribute to the band's unique sound. With their extensive musical experience and dedication to their craft, Our Common Sense has built a strong following both in their native Belgium and around the world.
Listeners can find "Harbinger of Calamity" and "Icarus Complex" on the band's Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/OurCommonSenseBand and this website, https://vi.be/platform/ourcommonsense
The album is a must-listen for fans of post-metal and anyone looking for powerful, emotionally charged music.