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Calgary-based metal band Red Cain is set to release their latest album “NÄE'BLISS” on June 2nd, 2023, and fans are eagerly anticipating the band’s third full-length album. The band's newest single, “The Great Hunt”, is the last to be released before the album launch and is one of the heaviest tracks in the Red Cain repertoire.
The band is known for their signature lush electronic backing, soaring, aggressive vocals, and a pulsing, headbanging groove, all of which are present in “The Great Hunt”. The ¾ march is driven by layers of bass and 8-string guitars, pushing further into the djent riffs present elsewhere on the album. The single is a nod to Robert Jordan’s fantasy epic, "The Wheel of Time," as it revolves around the album’s theme continuing the Forsaken protagonists' hunt for their archenemy, the world-breaking Champion of the Light, the Dragon Reborn himself.
Red Cain's third full-length album “NÄE'BLISS” is a homage to the legendary world of Robert Jordan's fantasy epic. The album features down-tuned guitars, death and power prog metal influences, and an unrelenting march forward that's a foray into the reverse side of the Wheel of Time story. It explores the world of the Forsaken, the antagonists, instruments of the Great Lord of the Dark, and the brutal and captivating allure of letting Chaos reign supreme.
According to the band, “We are fascinated by antagonists, why they stand against the “common good”, and how they came to fill that role - and when reading the Wheel of Time, there was the same intrigue behind how the very clearly defined “evil” faction in this world justified its existence."
Red Cain's "NÄE'BLISS" explores questions that apply equally well to the world beyond the window. The band delves deeper into the unexplored gaps of the carefully crafted narrative and beautifully balanced universe of the Wheel of Time. The album looks at which idols are false, which heroes degenerate, and what history is a compendium of careful lies.
The band is excited about exploring the more visceral aspects of the Wheel of Time world. The album pairs the brutal and compelling world with heavy metal, a genre-defining epic fantasy series that started it all. Red Cain is recommended for fans of Kamelot, Symphony X, Myrath, Powerwolf, Mastodon, and The Contortionist.
Red Cain’s “NÄE'BLISS” is set to be released on June 2, 2023. Fans can watch and listen to “The Great Hunt” via its live video at
Step up, heft your spear, and join The Great Hunt.
Red Cain, from Calgary, Canada is a modern progressive metal project with Eastern European roots. They have been making waves since their first release in 2016, with award-winning music videos and concept albums “Kindred: Act I” and “Kindred: Act II”. Red Cain’s first two full albums conceptually told a sprawling story of how raw and primal ancient myth collides with modern society and human yearning toward the stars, toward perfection. The albums contained a ton of genre inspirations, from gothic rock to ambient electronica, power, black, and death metal, and were universally lauded for their inventiveness, variety, and strong conceptual content. They continue this momentum with forthcoming releases.
Calgary, Canada's Red Cain is a force to be reckoned with in the modern progressive metal scene. Since their debut in 2016, they have been gaining attention and acclaim for their unique blend of Eastern European influences and heavy metal sound. The band has already released two concept albums, "Kindred: Act I" and "Kindred: Act II," which tell the story of ancient myth colliding with modern society and humanity's unending quest for perfection.
With these albums, Red Cain showcased their impressive range of musical styles, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres including gothic rock, ambient electronica, power, black, and death metal. Their music videos also earned recognition and awards, highlighting their ability to create powerful and visually stunning content to complement their sonic landscapes.
Red Cain is now poised to continue their musical journey with upcoming releases, and fans are eagerly anticipating what's next from this innovative metal project. Their ability to create a unique sound while exploring complex and thought-provoking concepts has garnered them a dedicated following and critical acclaim.
The band's Eastern European roots also contribute to their distinctive sound, which sets them apart from many other bands in the genre. They skillfully blend folkloric elements with progressive metal, resulting in a sound that is both intricate and heavy. Red Cain's music is a reflection of their dedication to storytelling, and their ability to weave intricate narratives into their music is a testament to their artistic vision.
Red Cain has already made a significant impact on the progressive metal scene, and with forthcoming releases on the horizon, they are poised to continue pushing boundaries and expanding their sound. Fans can expect more of the band's signature storytelling, unique blend of genres, and visually stunning content in the future. Red Cain is a band to watch, and their future releases are sure to be as impressive and innovative as their past work.
Red Cain is:​
Evgeniy Zayarny - Vocals
Samuel Ridout - Guitars
Tyler Corbett - Guitars
Kalie Yan - Bass, Vocals
Taylor Gibson - Drums