Summon The Moon - "Persona"


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Summon The Moon Unleashes a Metal Masterpiece with "Persona"
Nashville, Tennessee - Brace yourselves, metalheads, for Summon The Moon has summoned a musical storm with their latest album, "Persona." Released on May 14th, 2023, this fierce foursome hailing from Nashville has crafted a collection of headbanging anthems that will make your eardrums tremble with delight.
Summon The Moon, initially a humble studio project, has morphed into a thunderous live music experience, driven by the insatiable demand and unbridled enthusiasm of their fans and musical comrades. With recordings and performances that boast a revolving lineup of guest performers drawn from the vast pool of local talent in the middle Tennessee/Nashville area, Summon The Moon has unleashed an unstoppable force upon the metal scene.
At the heart of Summon The Moon's sonic assault are the core members: Brandon Bell, the founder, singer, and mastermind behind the band's anthemic lyrics; Danny Bell, the relentless force on drums and vocals; Chad Grant, the low-end rumble on bass guitar; and Dale Sheppard, the shredder extraordinaire on lead guitar. Together, they forge a formidable musical alliance that delivers high-energy songs, bone-rattling guitar riffs, and heart-piercing hooks that resonate with metal enthusiasts of all stripes.
"Persona" is a masterclass in unadulterated metal and hard rock, drawing influences from revered acts such as Memphis May Fire, Beartooth, and Pop Evil. From the first blistering notes to the final explosive crescendo, Summon The Moon takes listeners on a turbulent journey through a sonic landscape brimming with aggression, melody, and unrelenting power. Brace yourself for a relentless onslaught of headbanging goodness.
Tracks like "Raging Fire" and "Unleashed" will set your speakers ablaze with their thunderous rhythm sections and face-melting guitar solos. But don't be fooled by their ferocity; Summon The Moon also knows how to tug at your heartstrings. Songs like "Broken Chains" showcase the band's ability to deliver emotionally charged melodies and thought-provoking lyrics that will leave you in awe.
Summon The Moon's stage presence is a force to be reckoned with. Their performances are a whirlwind of frenetic energy, leaving audiences in a state of cathartic bliss. Their live shows have become legendary throughout the American southeast, captivating crowds with their commanding presence and infectious passion for the music they create.
"Persona" is now available for digital purchase, ensuring that metal aficionados worldwide can unleash its sonic fury upon their eardrums. Whether you choose to embark on this epic musical journey via Spotify or prefer to hold the album's raw power in your hands with a physical copy from their next live show, Summon The Moon has made it easier than ever to immerse yourself in their metal mastery.
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So, fellow metalheads, heed the call of Summon The Moon and let their music consume you. Follow them on Spotify, add their tracks to your playlists, and become a part of their journey to metal domination. "Persona" is the album that solidifies Summon The Moon's rightful place among the metal elite, and it's time to raise your horns and join the chorus of devoted fans chanting their name.