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VOUL Unleashes Sonic Devastation with Debut Album "Concrete Cult"
The wait is over for metal enthusiasts as Spanish band VOUL emerges from the depths of the underground scene, delivering their highly anticipated debut album "Concrete Cult." Released on May 19th, 2023, this sonic onslaught is a testament to their relentless pursuit of pure heaviness.
Formed in the midst of the pandemic in June 2020, VOUL brought together three seasoned musicians hailing from esteemed Spanish bands such as Moho, Looking From An Answer, and Adrift. United by their shared passion for the bone-crushing sounds of Celtic Frost and Amebix, they embarked on a mission to create a sonic assault that would reverberate through the metal community.
As a power trio, VOUL's sound quickly took shape during intense rehearsals, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences. Their music channels the raw energy of 80s hardcore legends like Bad Brains and Black Flag, the sludgy brutality of EyeHateGod and Iron Monkey, the timeless riffage of Black Sabbath, and even the haunting atmosphere of Twin Peaks' soundtrack. This eclectic mix of influences has birthed a unique sonic concoction that is both ferocious and captivating.
With a plethora of riffs, shifting cadences, and dynamic interplay, VOUL's songwriting showcases their mastery of creating relentless sonic landscapes without sacrificing sheer heaviness. The tracks on "Concrete Cult" envelop listeners in a whirlwind of sonic devastation that leaves them in awe and craving for more.
While their journey hasn't been without its twists and turns, VOUL's determination remains unwavering. After the departure of their original guitarist, another familiar face joined the ranks, solidifying the band's lineup and igniting a new era of sonic destruction. With this lineup secured, VOUL embarked on a series of live shows, unleashing their brand of "slow shit" upon unsuspecting audiences. Their performances are characterized by bone-rattling volume and a deliberate, hypnotic slowness that engulfs listeners in a sea of sonic despair.
"Concrete Cult" has been released in various formats, including LP, CD, MC, and digital, offering fans multiple ways to experience the crushing power of VOUL. The album is available now, ready to transport listeners into a realm of sonic chaos.
Stay connected with VOUL as they continue to pave their path of sonic destruction. Follow the band on their social media channels for the latest updates on their music, live shows, and future releases. Immerse yourself in the Concrete Cult and become a devoted disciple of VOUL's relentless pursuit of heaviness.
Band: VOUL
Release: "Concrete Cult"
Formats: LP/CD/MC/Digital
Release Date: May 19th, 2023
The Concrete Cult has arrived, and VOUL invites you to join their sonic crusade. Brace yourself for the storm.