Weapon - Take It Or Leave It


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Legendary British band Weapon UK has returned to their roots and reverted back to their original name, Weapon. With their latest album, "New Clear Power," they continue their unstoppable march forward since the '80s and deliver a solid successor to their 2019 album, "Ghosts of War".
While the sound may lean towards the old school, Weapon is unapologetic. The songs on this album are melodic, powerfully structured, and still heavily influenced by the NWOBHM genre. The thunderous "Drumbeats of War" sets the tone with its fast pace, sharp riffs, and convincing vocals from Danny Hynes, establishing a standard maintained throughout the entire record. However. The album's majority finds a solid balance between all the instruments, with the clean production highlighting the music's edgy character.
"Take It or Leave It" has a smoother build, but it still packs a punch with its relentless guitar riffs. The album's highlight is the ballad "Live for Today," where Weapon enlisted the help of keyboardist Steve Mann (MSG/Lionheart).
The album's title, "New Clear Power", is fitting, as Weapon brings forth an abundance of fury and strength in the music. The purchase is already worth it just for the driving guitar work of lead guitarist Oscar Bromvall.
Weapon - Take It Or Leave It
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