NECRONOMICON - The Final Chapter


Papy Jeff Metal Likes NECRONOMICON

In a world where metal reigns supreme, the legendary band NECRONOMICON has once again emerged, proving that they are still a force to be reckoned with.
With "The Final Chapter," released in 2021, and their latest album, "Constant To Death", unveiled to the public in 2023, NECRONOMICON continues to defy expectations and deliver an electrifying punch, typically metal.
"The Final Chapter" marks the beginning of a new era for the band, welcoming international members into its ranks. The addition of Rik Charron on drums and Glen Shannon on guitar has brought a fresh dynamic to NECRONOMICON's sound. However, fear not, as amidst these changes, founding member Freddy and his distinctive writing style remain intact. The pulsating bass lines and the vocals of Mr. Marco Lohrenz further enhance NECRONOMICON's unique identity.
This album is an exciting amalgamation of intricate compositions, powerful riffs, and an unrelenting display of speed and power. It is a musical journey that speaks to all metal aficionados, whether they are tough or devout thrash enthusiasts. NECRONOMICON has skillfully crafted songs that resonate with a wide range of metal fans.
Once again, the sonic mastery of Achim Köhler takes the spotlight as he expertly handles the mixing and mastering duties. With his magic touch, Köhler ensures that "The Final Chapter" bears the band's sonic signature while unleashing a thunderous sonic assault that brings down the proverbial roof. Get ready for an onslaught of energy like only NECRONOMICON can deliver.
NECRONOMICON remains a formidable entity that shows no signs of relenting. The beast within them roars louder than ever, ready to unleash chaos and captivate listeners worldwide.
To learn more about NECRONOMICON's latest endeavors, stay tuned to their Facebook page at or visit their official website at Keep your metal senses sharp because the thrash cult's red alert is still in effect!
Beware of the beast... and let the metal flow!