Beltfed Weapon - "Darkened Demise"

Nukem - “Empress of Evil”

Bloodrunner - Bloodrunner

Strigampire - All To Dominate


NERVOSA - Jailbreak

Thrashy Time

Bazooka Troopaz - "Hard Ticket to Hawaii"

Hyperia - “Automatic Thrash Machine”

Crazy Mad Ride - "Life, Liberty, Death"

TakaLaiton - Mindfection

Annabelle - Stuck

Void - Voodoo

Cranial Crusher - Ciclo da Degradação

VICTIMIZED - Shit Happens

TRUTH to POWER - Claim Your Freedom

Comaniac - EYE TO EYE (From Upcoming Album "NONE FOR ALL")

Triskelyon - Downfall

Take This To Your Grave - Vultures

Dreadhammer - Atomic Pulse