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Cleveland's Metal Inferno: 72 Legions Unleash Their Brutal "72-EP"
Brace yourselves, metalheads, because 72 Legions is here to wreak havoc on your eardrums! Formed in 2022, this savage and visceral Death-Metal horde is ready to plunge you into a melodic yet violent frenzy. Inspired by the myth of Ars Goetia, these hellish warriors bring together the ferocity of brutal death, the fury of thrash, and the darkness of black metal.
Led by the formidable Devon Wirick on vocals and the legendary Curran Murphy (formerly of Nevermore and Annihilator) on guitar, 72 Legions have assembled a fearsome lineup. With Dan Gates on bass, Robert Quade on guitar, and Colton Zeitler on drums, they are a force to be reckoned with.
Their 2023 release, aptly titled "72-EP," descended upon the world like a cataclysmic storm on January 20th. This four-song onslaught leaves no survivors, delivering relentless riffs, bone-shattering beats, and guttural vocals that will leave you begging for mercy.
Prepare to be enthralled by the dark allure of their music. For fans of Carcass, Arsis, and Kataklysm, 72 Legions will satiate your hunger for sonic destruction. Their sound will transport you to a realm where brutality meets melody, where chaos and harmony coexist in a beautifully twisted dance of pure Metal madness.
Curran Murphy, the mastermind behind the fiery guitar solos, is already forging plans for the band's future conquests. Tours are being mapped out for 2023, followed by the release of their highly anticipated second full-length album. To make these ambitions a reality, Curran is actively seeking an agent for tours, label signing, and management. It's a quest that will propel 72 Legions to even greater heights of musical devastation.
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For those in the Apple realm, fear not! "72-EP" is also available on Apple Music, ready to infiltrate your playlists and ignite your Metal-loving soul.
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Prepare yourselves, Metal brethren, for 72 Legions will march forth, leaving a trail of sonic devastation in their wake. The realm of Metal has been forever changed. Embrace the darkness and unleash your primal spirit with 72 Legions!
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