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AqvileA Introduces Kate Nord as New Frontwoman, Marking an Exciting New Phase for the Band Aqvilea, the Italian symphonic metal band, has just announced a change in their lineup. Finnish opera singer Kate Nord is stepping in as the new frontwoman, taking the place of Cae Lys.
Kate Nord has already lent her voice to the band's next single, and fans had the chance to see her perform with the band at the Tempora historical re-enactment in Aquileia, Italy, this Sunday June 25.
The departure of Cae Lys is due to her other commitments, which unfortunately made it difficult for her to continue with Aqvilea. Despite the change, both parties hold each other in high regard.
In her new role, Kate Nord brings an impressive repertoire of skills. Beyond being a distinguished opera singer, she has made her mark as a composer and producer. She's also known for her work as the lyricist of the progressive power band Noveria, and has recently released her debut solo album, "Compass to Your Heart's Desire."
With Nord's arrival, Aqvilea is now channeling its energies into their second album, "New World Era," produced by Fredrik Nordström. Their latest single "Activm" is already available, serving as a musical appetizer of what's to come.
AQVILEA - Activm
Aqvilea's current lineup includes:
Kate Nord: Vocals
Pier Lando Baldinelli: Vocals, Orchestra, Bass
Franz Lugnan: Guitars
Federico Turolla Turatti: Drums
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