Beltfed Weapon - Darkened Demise


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🤘🔥 Beltfed Weapon Unleashes Their "Darkened Demise" EP: A Thrashing Ode to Metal Greatness! 🔥🤘

Beltfed Weapon - Darkened Demise (Official Lyric Video)
Brace yourselves, metal maniacs, for the onslaught of Beltfed Weapon's latest offering! After a five-year hiatus, these Seattle metallers are back with a vengeance, delivering their highly anticipated EP, "Darkened Demise". And let us tell you, it's an absolute face-melting, headbanging extravaganza dedicated to the memory of the legendary Timothy L. Aymar.
When it came to assembling the dream team for this EP, Beltfed Weapon spared no expense. Led by the mastermind guitarist Frank Hetzel, this all-star lineup reads like a who's who of metal royalty. Brace yourselves for the mind-blowing talent of Arch Enemy's Jeff Loomis and Exodus/Heathen's Kragen Lum on lead guitars, the commanding vocals of Control Denied/Pharaoh's Tim Aymar, the guttural growls of Morbid Angel's Steve Tucker, the thunderous bass lines of Black Label Society's J.D. DeServio and Exhorder's Jason Viebrooks, the earth-shattering bass of Dagna Silesia, and the relentless drumming of Into Eternity's Bryan Newberry. This collaboration of metal titans is a force to be reckoned with!
While some bands struggle to find dedicated musicians, Beltfed Weapon took matters into their own hands. Founder Frank Hetzel wrote an arsenal of blistering songs and then handpicked an elite group of metal virtuosos to bring them to life. The result? A five-track EP that transcends the boundaries of death thrash metal, leaving a trail of devastation and pure sonic ecstasy in its wake.
The EP kicks off with "Accept Your Insanity" unleashes a pulverizing onslaught of sonic devastation, with J.D. DeServio's thunderous bass and Bryan Newberry's relentless drumming forming an unstoppable rhythm section. Brace yourself for the apocalyptic thrash-death opus that is the title track, "Darkened Demise," featuring the feral growls of Morbid Angel's Steve Tucker intertwining with Tim Aymar's melodic vocals, creating an enthralling dichotomy of aggression and harmony.
And that's just the beginning. With "Headfirst Into Hell", a colossal assault that showcases the clean vocals of Tim Aymar, blending perfectly with the furious thrash riffs, pummeling double-bass drumming, and mind-bending prog/power metal rhythms. Prepare for your eardrums to be assaulted by the blistering guitar solos of Jeff Loomis and Kragen Lum, sending shivers down your spine.
This EP is a testament to their unwavering dedication to the craft of metal, driven by passion and a desire to create something truly extraordinary. It's a labor of love that showcases the sheer talent and camaraderie of the metal community, a project that Hetzel pursued with a group of friends and guests he admires.
But don't just take our word for it. Immerse yourself in the fiery intensity of Beltfed Weapon's new lyric video for "Eternal Fire", a masterpiece that premiered on Decibel and will leave you craving more. Follow the band on Spotify, add them to your playlists, and show your support by grabbing their EP on Bandcamp. Stay connected with Beltfed Weapon through their official website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel, where they unleash their sonic fury upon the world.
Beltfed Weapon has returned with a vengeance and they're here to remind us why we fell in love with metal in the first place. Their dedication, talent, and unwavering spirit have culminated in "Darkened Demise," an EP that will reignite the flames of metal within your soul.
Frank Hetzel, the mastermind behind Beltfed Weapon, reflects on the arduous yet rewarding process of creating this EP. "It has been a long journey, but a therapeutic one," he shares. "To have the privilege of working with these incredible musicians whom I've admired for decades is simply incredible. The synergy we found in the studio is unparalleled, and I couldn't be prouder of the end result".
"Darkened Demise" isn't just a collection of songs; it's a testament to the power of collaboration and the resilience of the metal community. It's a sonic manifestation of the shared love and passion that unites metalheads around the world. Beltfed Weapon has created an opus that will resonate with fans, old and new, as they march forward, carrying the torch of metal with unyielding determination.
So, metalheads, prepare to be consumed by the infernal soundscapes of "Darkened Demise." Let the searing guitar solos, thundering basslines, and relentless drumming propel you into a realm where darkness and melody intertwine. Beltfed Weapon is back, stronger than ever, and ready to unleash their wrath upon the world.
Follow them on their social media channels, crank up their tunes on Spotify, and witness their explosive live performances on their YouTube channel. Stay connected with the band and join their army of loyal fans as they conquer the metal landscape with their unwavering spirit and unapologetic love for the genre.
Beltfed Weapon has arrived, bearing the gift of "Darkened Demise" for all disciples of metal. Embrace the chaos, revel in the power, and let the music consume you. For in the realm of Beltfed Weapon, darkness and triumph coexist, and the spirit of metal reigns eternal. \m/
Stay tuned, stay brutal, and stay metal!