Cynik Scald - City Of Nemesis


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Cynik Scald Unleashes the Melodic Metal Fury of "City Of Nemesis": Prepare for a Wild Ride!
Hold on tight, metalheads, as Cynik Scald take you on a mind-blowing journey through their multicultural fusion of Heavy Metal, Melodic Metal, Power Metal, Metalcore, and everything in between. "City Of Nemesis" will have you headbanging and wanting to hear more.
If you're a fan of CREMATORY, MUDVAYNE, GHOST, ALESTORM, and AMON AMARTH, Cynik Scald's music will ignite your soul. Their sound is a thrilling blend of heavy metal and folk songs, with a pinch of industrial/power metal and a flavor of Viking Metal/DeathMetalcore tunes. Think of it as a metal melting pot with vibes from LAMB OF GOD and MOTÖRHEAD. It's a glorious concoction that will satisfy your craving for unadulterated metal goodness.
To dive headfirst into the intensity of "City Of Nemesis," check out the official music video on YouTube:
Cynik Scald - City Of Nemesis
Prepare to be mesmerized by the sheer power, infectious melodies, and face-melting riffs that will leave you in awe.
But that's not all! Cynik Scald has more sonic weapons in their arsenal. Don't miss out on their other singles, including the hauntingly beautiful "Lullaby" and the explosive collaboration "Storm" featuring the phenomenal Urban Breed. Immerse yourself in their melodic metal madness and let their music consume you.
For those who prefer to worship the metal gods on streaming platforms, fear not! Cynik Scald's music is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Get ready to add "City Of Nemesis" to your playlists and let the heavy metal onslaught commence. Here are the links:
When it comes to their album, two tracks have risen to prominence. "When the sun goes down" is an adrenaline-fueled motorbike road anthem, filled with the spirit of freedom and Harley Davidson. It's a fusion of hard rock with a touch of country metal, paying homage to the cowboy movies of the '70s. This is the perfect song to blast while cruising to your next motor-meeting. Get your leather jacket and boots ready for this one. It's a wild ride!
On the other hand, "Silent Rainbow" takes a Metalcore/Rap Metal approach. The song delves into the wasted lives of people, while above them, a Silent Rainbow watches over with love. Influenced by Ghost and Crematory, this track combines heavy riffs, aggressive vocals, and a touch of rap to create an unforgettable metal experience.
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Get ready to unleash your inner metal warrior and embark on a wild, headbanging adventure with Cynik Scald. "City Of Nemesis" is just the beginning of their metal domination, and you won't want to miss a single riff, scream, or thunderous beat. Let the melodic metal fury consume you and witness the rise of a band that's destined to conquer the metal world. Join the ranks of Cynik Scald's devoted followers and prepare for a musical experience like no other. From the captivating melodies to the bone-crushing guitar solos, their music will ignite your passion for the genre and leave you hungry for more.
So, gather your fellow metalheads, crank up the volume, and let Cynik Scald's "City Of Nemesis" be the soundtrack to your rebellious spirit. Embrace the power of their multicultural metal fusion and witness the birth of a new force in the metal realm. The time has come to bow down to the relentless energy and unyielding talent of Cynik Scald.
Stay connected, stay metal, and stay ready for whatever Cynik Scald has in store for us next. The journey has just begun, and we can't wait to see where it leads. Hail to the conquerors of metal!
Let the power of metal unite us all, and remember to support the artists by streaming their music and attending their live shows. Rock on! \m/