Darkhold - "King Of Miracles"


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Darkhold Unleashes a Thrashing Inferno with "Tales From Hell"
A Fiery Debut Album That Transcends Fairy Tales and Embraces the Metal Abyss
Darkhold - "King Of Miracles"
Are you ready to embark on a journey through the dark and brutal realms of metal? Look no further than Darkhold and their scorching debut album, 'Tales From Hell.' These Italian metal maestros have conjured a sonic inferno that combines the essence of classic thrash with bone-chilling storytelling. In true metalleux fashion, they have crafted a record that will leave you headbanging with devilish delight.
Drawing inspiration from the macabre world of fairy tales, Darkhold sheds light on the intrinsic morality woven within these age-old stories.
Claudio Facheris and Eros Mozzi, armed with over fifteen years of experience in the band Methedras, construct the backbone of Darkhold. Their lyrical and conceptual composition is a rare gem that demands attention and reverence.
Joining forces with Darkhold are Giovanni Casagrande (Syndrome) on rhythm guitar, Giuseppe Celeste (Soulthrash, Syndrome) on bass, and Jacopo Casadio (Harmony Of Dissonance, Nefastis) on drums. With their diverse backgrounds in the underground scene since the '90s, this quintet from Lombardy and Emilia Romagna brings a wealth of talent and cohesion to the table.
Reminisce about the days when our parents read us stories like "Pinocchio" and "Little Red Riding Hood," instinctively aiming to shield us from the harsh realities of the world. However, it is important to remember the profound impact these tales had on our perspectives. Venturing into the woods alone or telling lies could lead to deadly perils or worse, transform us into "wicked children" with tainted souls. Darkhold forces us to choose between the righteous path or descend into one of the nine infernal circles, where their brutal sonic onslaught becomes a potent weapon of defense and exorcism.
As Dante's interpretation suggests, "Tales From Hell" comprises nine tracks, each with its original composition but echoing the storied elements that have shaped the genre. These songs possess a precious intensity, corresponding to the sins committed by the antiheroes of fairy tales. Forget about fairy-tale endings or blue princes and fairies that resolve and redeem; Darkhold's lyrics serve as stark warnings, inducing self-reflection and caution.
Darkhold's strength lies in their cohesion and talent, which shines through the crystal-clear production. While embracing the taste of the '80s, their sound remains firmly rooted in the classic thrash aesthetic. Claudio's vocals undoubtedly take center stage, and the melodic lines remain faithful to the genre's classic stylings, reminiscent of the solid teachings of Chuck Billy.
With a subtle echo of Testament's 'Low,' 'Tales From Hell' takes you on an apocalyptic journey, masterfully illustrated by the comic-inspired artwork of Andrea Rota. The album kicks off with the track "No String On Me," where the melody of the chorus cuts deep, stirring the rebellious spirit as he seeks liberation from the strings that bind him. It's an anthem that beckons you to sing along, guaranteed to make a powerful impact when performed live.
The lust and the gluttony ignite in the flames of songs like "Child Within" and "Candy Brains," as Darkhold unleashes a groove-laden sound. They navigate the trebble of "Savage," a nod to Sepultura's 'Roots,' with introductory tones that transition into classic feedback-laden guitars. While they remain within the comfort zone of recognizable elements, they amplify the tribal essence with the commanding chorus, urging listeners to "understand what you are."
Darkhold's mastery of thrash truly shines in "Head Will Roll," a dynamic and furious track that captures the essence of the genre. Claudio and his bandmates unleash a relentless assault of rhythm, fury, and blistering guitar work. The lyrics delve into the Queen of Hearts and Alice, announcing an impending massacre with deadly precision. There is no escape from this sonic onslaught.
The ferocity reaches its peak with "King of Miracles," narrating a tale of heresy. The guitars convey the anguish while delivering an impressive solo, and Claudio's vocals unleash a cruel potency that showcases the track's immense potential. As we approach the album's conclusion, "Howlings" launches a frontal assault. This track exuding an old-school attitude that perfectly represents the wrathful inhabitants of the circle. Urging listeners to open their eyes and guard themselves against monsters disguised as normality, Darkhold instills a sense of urgency that lingers long after the final note.
Closing the album is the enchanting "Hypnotized By Evil". The arpeggiated introduction captivates, drawing listeners into the twists and turns of evil and letting it seep into their souls. The notes transform into blades, the guitars and Claudio's voice plunging into the abyss to retrieve a haunting timbre. The initial scream of "EVIL" heralds destruction, as the chorus commands, "die for me rats, hypnotized by evil." It's a mesmerizing finale that leaves a lasting impression.
Darkhold's debut is a triumph, deserving of emotional immersion and multiple listens. With a lineup possessing both unity and talent, they deliver a crisp sound that remains true to the genre's '80s roots. Claudio's vocals take center stage, while the guitar work and song structures pay homage to thrash metal legends like Testament. 'Tales From Hell' invites metal enthusiasts, especially those with a penchant for old-school Bay Area thrash, to embark on a thrilling musical journey.
A must-have album.
No String On me
The Child Within
Candy Brains
Head Will Roll
King Of Miracles
Who's The Beast
Hypnotized By Evil
Claudio Facheris – vocals
Eros Mozzi – guitar
Giovanni Casagrande – rhythm guitar
Giuseppe Celeste – bass
Jacopo Casadio – drums
Recommended for fans of old-school Bay Area thrash, Testament.