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🤘 Gallowglas Unleashes Elemental Fury with "Revelator" - Metal Madness Continues! 🤘

York County, PA, you've already experienced a metal onslaught like no other as Gallowglas, the elemental metal force, unleashed their latest offering, "Revelator," a month and a half ago! With influences ranging from the mighty Lamb of God and the colossal Gojira to the legendary Testament, this band has ignited the metal scene with their explosive sound. You were blown away on May 5, 2023!
GALLOWGLAS - Marshall Howe
Formed by a gathering of musical titans, Gallowglas brings together the indomitable J. William Heitmann on vocals, the ferocious Don Belch on lead guitar, the riff master Brian Faychak on guitar, the thunderous Brian Durost on drums, and the low-end rumble of Duy Loufik on bass. Together, they have forged a sonic storm that shook the very foundations of metal.
"Revelator" continues to be an unrelenting force of nature, showcasing Gallowglas's mastery over the elements of metal. From blistering riffs that sear through the air like lightning to guttural vocals that unleash a primal roar, this album is a relentless assault on the senses. You have already been consumed by the sheer power and intensity that Gallowglas brings to every note.
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Gallowglas redefined the very essence of metal with "Revelator." You have been consumed by the elemental force unleashed by this fierce and unrelenting band. Let the metal madness continue! 🤘🔥