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🤘 HELGRINDUR: Ready to Unleash Metal Madness with New Album and MDD Deal! 🤘

Solingen's Pagan/Black/Death metal commandos, Helgrindur, are about to unleash a sonic storm with their upcoming album after sealing a blood pact with MDD Records! Brace yourselves, fellow metal warriors, because this onslaught of epic proportions is slated to hit the shelves this fall. Prepare for a metal extravaganza unlike anything you've experienced before!
Since their formation in 2010, Helgrindur has been gathering a fierce army of fans with their explosive live performances. They have conquered legendary stages like the Aaargh Festival, the thunderous Mahlstrom Open Air, and even this year's Ragnarök Festival. Now, their devoted followers are eagerly awaiting the sequel to their 2017 debut masterpiece, "Von Einst".
Crafted within the dark depths of the 4CN studio, the forthcoming album will take you on a journey through realms of ancient fairy tales, mythical legends, and their own enigmatic narratives. Prepare yourselves for an intense sonic experience, as this album boasts 10 epic tracks, all adorned in a mesmerizing blend of Pagan-infused Death and Black metal madness.
But wait, there's more! Stay vigilant and keep your eyes peeled, for more information about this metal opus will be unveiled soon. The anticipation is at a boiling point, and the time to unleash the metal fury draws near. The stage is set, the amps are cranked up to the max, and the battleground awaits. Are you ready to join Helgrindur on this mind-bending journey?
Upcoming Shows:
June 23-25 | Mittsommernächte Bärenstein 2023
Connect with Helgrindur and brace yourselves for the metal onslaught:
Metalheads, prepare to be blown away by the unrelenting force of Helgrindur's new album! The solos will shred your soul, the drums will make your heart pound like a double bass pedal, and the vocals will summon demons from the darkest pits of metal. This fall, embrace the madness and let the music consume you. Stay tuned for more metal mayhem from Helgrindur! \m/