Hierarchy - Light ov the Morning Star

🤘🎸 Dive Into the Metal Archives: Hierarchy's Self-Titled Album 🤘🔥

Remember: Today, we take a glorious trip down memory lane to revisit a monumental release from the depths of Long Island's metal scene. Get ready to headbang, mosh, and unleash your inner metal beast as we delve into Hierarchy's long-awaited self-titled debut album. 🎶🔥
Formed in the ancient year of 2002, Hierarchy emerged as the brainchild of Vernon Boward III and Michael Goguey Jr. With their molten passion for extreme sounds, they embarked on a quest that would test their mettle and shake the very foundations of death metal. Despite facing numerous lineup changes and a hiatus that left fans thirsting for more, the gods of metal intervened, aligning the stars and planets to resurrect Hierarchy in 2018! Brace yourselves, for these metallers are now primed to conquer the world! 🌍🔥
And so, after 15 long years of anticipation, the time had come. The self-titled opus of melodic blackened death metal had finally arrived, unleashing a relentless storm of sonic fury upon the unsuspecting masses. Prepare to be consumed by a maelstrom of merciless riffs, guttural vocals, and thunderous percussion that will leave you breathless. This album is a testament to the indomitable spirit of Hierarchy, their unwavering dedication, and their unyielding love for all things heavy. 🤘🔥
The tracklist reads like an unholy incantation, summoning forth a sonic tempest that will ravage your senses. From the blistering assault of "Light ov the Morning Star" to the diabolical hymn of "Death to the Vatican," Hierarchy takes no prisoners, showcasing their prowess in the realm of extreme metal. For fans of Amon Amarth, Behemoth, Deicide, and Dark Funeral, this album will satiate your darkest cravings, leaving you hungry for more. 🤘😈
Hierarchy - Light ov the Morning Star
Recorded and mixed by the mastermind Lucithor at the revered Odinson Studios, every note reverberates with a malevolent intensity. The collaborative songwriting genius of Tabotan and Lucithor shines through, crafting a dark symphony that lingers in the depths of your soul. Prepare to be transported to the infernal realms, where the air is thick with the essence of metal and the mosh pits are eternal. 🎸🔥
As we reminisce on this glorious release, we invite you to reconnect with Hierarchy. Follow their unholy journey through the links below, where you can bask in the glory of their music, relive the chaos of their live performances, and immerse yourself in the blackened depths of their art. Let the metal gods guide your way as you tread the path paved by Hierarchy! 🤘🔥
Remember, fellow metalheads, the past is alive with the sounds of Hierarchy. Let their music ignite your passion for the darker side of metal, for in these monumental moments of metal history, we find solace and unity. So crank up the volume, unleash the beast within, and let Hierarchy's self-titled album reignite the fire in your metal soul. 🤘🎶🔥
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