Lacerated - The Vile Domain


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Lacerated Unleashed Their Brutal Assault with "The Vile Domain"!
Prepare to be obliterated by the unrelenting fury of LACERATED and their bone-crushing debut album, "The Vile Domain." This Denver-based death metal powerhouse has been wreaking havoc since its release on October 31, 2022, delivering a sonic onslaught that will leave you gasping for air.
"The Vile Domain" is a testament to LACERATED's unwavering dedication to the classic death metal sound. With influences from genre titans such as Immolation, Dismember, and Cannibal Corpse, LACERATED channels the ferocity of the early days while adding their own unique twist.
From the savage brutality of "Grotesque" to the bone-crushing assault of "Agitator," LACERATED's tracks are a relentless barrage of devastating death metal. No one is safe from the sonic onslaught unleashed by this band.
Lacerated - Grotesque (devastating inspired OSDM)
While "The Vile Domain" has been ravaging eardrums for several months now, it's never too late to immerse yourself in its unrelenting chaos. Head over to their Bandcamp page at to experience the full force of LACERATED's sonic massacre.
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Add their bone-shattering tracks to your playlists and let the relentless assault of their sound consume you.
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"The Vile Domain" may have been unleashed months ago, but its impact continues to reverberate within the metal community. Embrace the chaos, and let LACERATED guide you to the depths of sonic brutality. This is a band that demands your attention and refuses to be ignored. Prepare for the onslaught and witness the power of LACERATED's "The Vile Domain"!