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Reviving the Glory Days of 80s Hair Metal: Midnight Snack Emerges from the Shadows
In a time when leg warmers were all the rage and big hair reigned supreme, a group of musicians found themselves drawn together by a shared love for the sound and spirit of the 80s. Enter Midnight Snack, a project that embodies the essence of 80s hair metal and pays homage to the glorious era of rock 'n' roll excess.

The origins of this musical endeavor can be traced back to 2012 when guitarist and founder Andrea Lucente, drummer Elia Heutschi, and bassist Raffaele Lorenzetti, already active in various bands, stumbled upon each other's company. Fueled by their mutual passion for 80s music, they found themselves jamming and composing songs within the confines of an old bunker. These initial jam sessions birthed a collection of songs that were tucked away, waiting for the perfect moment to shine.
Fast forward to 2021, and Andrea Lucente, driven by a newfound inspiration, reaches out to his musical comrades, accompanied by the addition of vocalist Damiano Guarnieri. Together, they set out to dust off those forgotten tunes and breathe life into an album of unreleased tracks. With Andrea at the helm as the songwriter and producer, the vision for the album begins to take shape.
To bring their sonic dreams to fruition, Lucente's enlists the expertise of recording and mixing engineer Stefano Scenini at Cimo's Stairway Studio. Under his guidance, the album begins to take form, capturing the essence and energy of the 80s hair metal genre. And to ensure a polished final product, the mastering is entrusted to the skilled hands of George Nerantzis.
As the anticipation builds, Lucente's tantalizes fans with the release of their first single, "Waste My Time," on September 1, 2022. The track serves as a delicious appetizer, offering a taste of the band's high-octane sound and infectious melodies. With its catchy hooks, blistering guitar solos, and anthemic choruses, "Waste My Time" transports listeners back to the glory days of arena rock.
Lucente's - Waste My Time
Finally, on September 23, 2022, the eagerly awaited debut album, aptly titled Midnight Snack, bursts onto the scene, ready to ignite the hearts of rock enthusiasts worldwide. Packed with a selection of meticulously crafted original songs, the album captures the essence of the era it draws inspiration from, combining soaring vocal harmonies, blistering guitar riffs, and pulsating rhythms.
Midnight Snack's journey is just beginning, but their dedication to the revival of 80s hair metal is evident in every note. With a nod to the past and a flair for the present, they strike a perfect balance between nostalgia and contemporary musical sensibilities.
So, grab your air guitar, tease up your hair, and get ready to indulge in the Midnight Snack experience. Let their infectious melodies and unapologetic rock 'n' roll spirit transport you back to a time when music was loud, the party never ended, and the night was always young.
For more information on Midnight Snack and their electrifying debut album, be sure to follow their social media channels and stay tuned for updates on their wild journey through the world of 80s-infused hair metal.

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