Maestus - "Rainroom"


Maestus Resurrects "Rainroom" - A Heartfelt Tribute to Late Bandmate, Jarrod Hyam

Metalheads, we have news that will touch your hearts and soothe your souls. Maestus has unveiled a heartrending tribute to their late bandmate, Jarrod Hyam, with a powerful re-release of their cover single, "Rainroom". In a time when the line between loss and memory blurs, Maestus offers fans a comforting and cathartic space to come to terms with the passing of their beloved friend and musician.
When asked about the inspiration behind choosing "Rainroom" as a tribute to Hyam, SP, the multi-talented guitarist, bassist, and vocalist of Maestus, shared their connection to the song. "Jarrod and I started Maestus in 2013, fueled by our admiration for depressive doom bands like My Dying Bride, Shape of Despair, Katatonia, and (early) Anathema. We were particularly drawn to Katatonia's 'Brave Murder Day' album, partly because of Mikael Akerfeldt's contribution to the harsh vocals. Jarrod and I instantly connected with the idea of covering 'Rainroom'."
The tribute track was originally recorded during the "Voir Dire" sessions in 2014 and stands as the last song Hyam ever recorded with Maestus. Reflecting on that time, SP reminisced, "I recall wanting to put our own spin on 'Rainroom', rather than doing a simple 1-to-1 cover. We did perform it live at an Oregon festival in 2014, but I don't think we ever played it again. Perhaps now is the time..."
Fast forward to 2023, and "Rainroom" has been meticulously remixed and remastered, breathing new life and emotions into the original track. Revisiting the song was an emotional journey for the band, as SP confessed, "It was an intense and thrilling experience... When Jarrod passed in 2022, I knew I wanted to release this cover as a homage to him and his musical legacy. However, I needed time to mix and master it. It's not an easy feat to listen to a deceased friend's voice repeatedly."
In the coming months, Maestus will return to Sprout City Studios to record their first new material since "Daybreak's Advent". Hyam's absence will be deeply felt, but his spirit lives on in the band's evolving sound and creative direction. SP assures fans, "Jarrod's influence will permeate our follow-up to 'Daybreak's Advent'. If I can hear Jarrod's voice in my head saying, 'Fuck yeah, that's it,' then I know it's a riff he would have loved."
Join Maestus in commemorating Jarrod's legacy and embark on a journey through their emotional and musical evolution with their stirring cover of "Rainroom".