Next Door To Heaven - "Commotion"


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Next Door To Heaven Unleashes a "Commotion" of Progressive/Alternative Metalcore: Prepare for a Mind-Bending Musical Journey!

Get ready to have your senses shattered and your eardrums obliterated, because Next Door To Heaven is here to deliver an explosive dose of progressive/alternative metalcore that will leave you in awe. With their latest single, "Commotion", was released May 28th, 2023. This Los Angeles-based band has unleashed a musical onslaught that defies genre boundaries and takes you on a wild ride.
Hailing from the depths of the metal abyss, Next Door To Heaven has been making waves with their previous albums like "Let's Dream" and "V Ways to Accept". These releases catapulted them to the top-20 of Google Play and earned them a coveted record deal. But they didn't stop there. Next Door To Heaven continued to push the envelope with captivating singles and the mind-bending EP "Inside". Now, they're back with a vengeance, armed with a new album and a statement that is shaking the very foundations of the metal scene.
To give you a taste of the chaos that awaits, check out the mind-blowing animated music video for "Commotion" on YouTube. Brace yourself for a visual and auditory assault that will leave you breathless and begging for more. Watch it here:
But that's not all. Next Door To Heaven wants to invade your playlists and claim your ears as their sonic battlefield. Follow them on Spotify and make sure to add their blistering tracks to your personal metal arsenal. Trust us, you won't want to face the apocalypse without the crushing intensity of Next Door To Heaven propelling you forward. Follow them on Spotify here:
For those who crave a physical manifestation of their metal allegiance, Next Door To Heaven's music is also available on Bandcamp. Head over to their Bandcamp page and immerse yourself in the black edition of their hit album, "V Ways to Accept". This special edition includes an extra track that will leave you gasping for air amidst the sonic chaos. Get your hands on it here:
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Get ready to be swept away by the "Commotion" of Next Door To Heaven's progressive/alternative metalcore symphony. Prepare for a mind-bending journey that will challenge your perception of what metal can be. The revolution is here, and Next Door To Heaven is leading the charge. Surrender yourself to the chaos, embrace the madness, and let the music consume you.
Remember to support the artists by streaming their music, attending their live shows, and spreading the word of their sonic revolution. Stay metal, stay hungry, and let the madness guide you. \m/