Order Of The Dead - Illusions


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Order Of The Dead Unleashes "Illusions EP" - A Melodic Death Metal Masterpiece
Riffs that Will Shake Your Soul and Lyrics to Ignite Your Mind
Prepare to be blown away as Order of the Dead, the melodic death metal juggernaut hailing from Rochester, NY, unveils their highly anticipated EP, "Illusions". Scheduled for release on June 9, 2023, this musical offering is set to captivate metalheads worldwide with its unique blend of death metal and thrash elements, accompanied by intricate guitar harmonies and intelligible yet fierce vocals.
Order of the Dead, born in the depths of 2009 in the thriving metal scene of Rochester, NY, has continuously pushed the boundaries of their genre. Drawing inspiration from legendary acts such as Morbid Angel, Death, and In Flames, this five-piece ensemble has established a reputation for crafting mesmerizing compositions with razor-sharp precision.
At the forefront of "Illusions EP" is a sonic onslaught of death metal and thrash riffs, intertwining seamlessly to create a mesmerizing tapestry of sound. Twin guitar harmonies effortlessly weave through the tracks, complemented by dark and intense black metal scribble riffs. The band's attention to detail and focus on strong song arrangements ensures an exhilarating listening experience from start to finish.
Lead vocalist Bill Lander delivers a formidable performance, growling with ferocity and clarity reminiscent of modern thrash icons. The intelligently crafted lyrics delve into thought-provoking themes, challenging listeners to explore the depths of their minds while headbanging in unison.
Renowned metal luminary Travis from Cattle Decapitation aptly described Order of the Dead's sound as "Riff City", encapsulating the band's ability to produce jaw-dropping, neck-snapping guitar work. With a lineup that boasts former members of esteemed acts such as Kalibas, Paths of Possession, Agiel, Nokturnal Hellstorm, Brutal Truth, Kill the Client, and Ancalagon, Order of the Dead brings a wealth of experience and expertise to their craft.
To catch a glimpse of their awe-inspiring live performance, head over to their YouTube channel and indulge in their scorching rendition of "Sucking the Marrow": https://youtu.be/vJH3FXu5RCU . The energy emanating from their stage presence is guaranteed to leave you craving more.
For die-hard metal enthusiasts, adding Order of the Dead to your Spotify playlists is an absolute must. Immerse yourself in their musical universe by following them on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4GtmwFnkPBqtrua3NghDe7
Be prepared for a sonic journey that will transport you to realms of unbridled intensity and musical ecstasy.
For those who wish to directly support the band, their Bandcamp page is the ultimate destination. By visiting https://orderofthedead322.bandcamp.com/album/illusions , you can purchase "Illusions EP" and delve deeper into the dark and melodic depths of Order of the Dead's creation.
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