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Purtenance Unleashes Raw Death Metal Mayhem with "The Rot Within Us"
Prepare to be immersed in the dark and ferocious realm of death metal as Finnish stalwarts PURTENANCE unleash their latest album, "The Rot Within Us". Hailing from the small town of Nokia, this unyielding force has been shaking the foundations of the genre since their inception in 1989 as PURTENANCE AVULSION. With a raw, old-school style that refuses to be confined, PURTENANCE continues to redefine the boundaries of death metal.
Through lineup changes, hiatuses, and the test of time, PURTENANCE has remained steadfast, fueled by an unwavering passion for their craft. Now, in 2023, they are set to unleash their latest opus upon the world. "The Rot Within Us" encapsulates everything that makes PURTENANCE legendary—a potent blend of heavy, gloomy, and unrelenting death metal that has garnered them a devoted following.
The band's latest offering, "Transitory Soul of the Righteous", is a powerful and haunting lyric video that serves as the second single from the forthcoming album. This track showcases the band's ability to create an atmosphere of impending doom, leaving listeners craving more. "The Rot Within Us", set to be released on July 11th, 2023, through Xtreem Music, will be available in various formats, including 12" LP, CD, Cassette, and Digital. Notably, it features the exceptional talents of Aabeg Gautam from the Nepalese band DYING OUT FLAME on bass and vocals, further solidifying PURTENANCE's quartet configuration.
Building upon their legacy, PURTENANCE has once again collaborated with renowned artist Chris Moyen, who created the album cover—a continuation of their iconic 1992 debut. In addition to the album, the band offers 500 vinyl editions (100 splatter and 400 black) and a limited cassette release of only 50 units, ensuring that collectors will have a chance to own a piece of metal history.

"The Rot Within Us" is a testament to PURTENANCE's enduring presence in the death metal scene. This album is a sonic journey that will transport fans to the darkest corners of their consciousness. With each track, PURTENANCE unleashes a storm of relentless riffs, thunderous drums, and guttural vocals that will leave listeners breathless.
Don't miss the opportunity to experience the chaos and fury of "The Rot Within Us". Pre-orders are available now, so mark your calendars for July 11th and prepare yourself for an unforgettable and unapologetic assault on the senses.
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Let the darkness consume you as PURTENANCE unleashes their sonic onslaught. Brace yourself for a death metal masterpiece that will leave you in awe and begging for more. "The Rot Within Us" is a testament to the enduring power of raw and uncompromising music.