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Seum Unleashes Aggressive Doom'n'Bass Blend with "Double Double"
Get ready to plunge into a caffeine-fueled auditory assault as Montreal's very own SEUM emerges from the shadows of the Seum-Cave with their highly anticipated sophomore album, "Double Double." Building upon the success of their debut masterpiece, "Winterized," which garnered praise for its dark intensity and fuzzy heaviness, SEUM has unleashed a more aggressive and explosive offering that is sure to leave metalheads craving for more.
Having honed their craft through relentless live performances across France and Canada over the past two years, the Montreal trio has injected their signature bass and drums formula with a jolt of punk-inspired riffs and groovy doom breakdowns. The result is a delectable blend of Doom'n'Bass that pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration and defies genre conventions.
In a departure from their introspective debut, SEUM opted for a warmer and more expansive production on "Double Double." To further enhance the album's sonic identity, they enlisted the expertise of the legendary John Golden (known for his work with Melvins, Sleep, and Weedeater) for mastering. The collaboration allowed SEUM to shape their most narrative-driven and catchiest compositions to date, weaving intricate tales through tracks like "Razorblade Rainbow," "Seum Noir," "Torpedo," and "Snow Bird."
Embodying the band's unique and hypnotic sound is the enigmatic creature known as Double Boy, brought to life through the creative prowess of long-time collaborator Gorka Uztarroz. Just like the cover art, "Double Double" is a defiant middle finger to the curse of the sophomore album, showcasing SEUM's unwavering commitment to artistic growth and sonic exploration.
"Double Double" has already been unleashed upon the world, captivating listeners with its raw energy and relentless drive. The album is available on CD for those craving a physical copy (Vinyl is sold out). It's an auditory journey that demands to be experienced in all its glory.
To kick off the album's promotion, SEUM has devised a citywide treasure hunt in Montreal. Fans are encouraged to locate and repost "SEUM 2X2" stencils found throughout the city on their social media platforms. The individual who discovers the most stencils will earn an exclusive invitation, along with their friends, to a private show and an unforgettable party, further solidifying SEUM's connection with their devoted fanbase.
SEUM is a Montreal-based Doom'n'Bass band comprised of three expat French doom veterans: Gaspard on vocals (formerly of Lord Humungus), Piotr on bass (formerly of Mlah!), and Fred on drums (formerly of Uluun). The band draws its name, which means "Venom" in Arabic, from the French slang for disappointment and frustration, perfectly capturing the essence of their powerful and emotive music.
With their unique approach of employing only drums, vocals, and bass, SEUM has carved out a distinctive sonic territory within the metal landscape. Their raw and unrelenting sound has captivated audiences and set them apart from traditional metal bands.
Prior to "Double Double," SEUM released their first EP, "Summer of Seum", in 2020, followed by a split 7" with Fatima. Their debut album, "Winterized", dropped in June 2021, earning critical acclaim and setting the stage for their sophomore release. The band embarked on their inaugural European tour in 2021 following the release of the EP "Blueberry Cash" in April 2022, solidifying their presence in the metal scene.
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With "Double Double" already out in the wild, SEUM has ignited a firestorm of anticipation among fans. Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fueled journey into the depths of Doom'n'Bass as SEUM conquers the metal scene with their explosive and captivating sound. Whether you're a long-time fan or a newcomer to their sonic realm, SEUM's relentless energy and sonic prowess are sure to leave a lasting impression. Prepare to be mesmerized as SEUM unleashes their aggressive and immersive Doom'n'Bass blend, taking you on a wild ride that will leave you craving for more.