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Silent obsession Unleashes Apocalyptic Madness with "Countdown" EP: Dive into the Depths of Algerian Death Metal!

Prepare to be consumed by the darkness as Silent Obsession, the Algerian masters of devastation, unleash their latest offering upon the world. With the release of their "Countdown" EP in December 2021, this formidable quartet has cemented their place in the annals of extreme music, captivating listeners with their raw power, relentless aggression, and a musical vision that delves deep into the impending apocalypse.
Following the success of their "Lost" EP in 2020, Silent Obsession wasted no time in crafting a follow-up that would leave a lasting mark on the Metal world. Available on numerous digital streaming platforms worldwide, the "Countdown" EP is a testament to their musical ingenuity and unyielding dedication to their craft.
Composed by the talented Max Marginal and expertly produced by Redouane Aouameur of Fermata Studio Algiers, "Countdown" takes listeners on a journey into the heart of the devastating global apocalypse. With three highly packed tracks, the EP showcases the band's ability to create an atmosphere of unrelenting darkness, combining heavy and aggressive riffage, bone-crushing drumming, and guttural vocals that perfectly match the thematic demise of the world itself. Max Marginal himself describes it as "the apocalypse, the end of the world."
But "Countdown" is more than just a sonic assault; it's a reflection of today's society and a scathing critique of its flaws. Building upon the introspective themes explored in their previous "Lost" EP, Silent Obsession delves into the depths of a global mental failure, exposing the legitimacy of madness within our society. It's a brutal examination of the dark side of humanity, as the band fearlessly dissects oppressive systemic constructs through pure emotion and enthralling musical compositions.
Silent Obsession's lineup consists of Danny on vocals, Manil on bass, Ben der on drums, and the talented Max Marginal on guitar. Together, they create a sonic force that resonates with the angst and aggression of the Metal genre, leaving audiences breathless and hungry for more.
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Silent Obsession has emerged from the Algerian Metal scene, spreading their infernal presence worldwide. Dive into their world of darkness, embrace the brutal reality of their music, and join the ranks of those who appreciate the unyielding power of Algerian Death Metal.
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