Skyliner - Dark Rivers, White Thunder


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Skyliner Unleashes Thunderous Epicness with "Dark Rivers, White Thunder"
Skyliner - Dark Rivers, White Thunder
Embark on a sonic journey like no other as Skyliner, hailing from the depths of Jacksonville, Florida, with album "Dark Rivers, White Thunder", was released in 2021. This heavy power metal masterpiece is a true wave of discontent and a voyage to freedom, carrying a progressive mind's eye at the heart of the storm. With esoteric and insightful lyrics, emotionally charged melodies, and a whirlwind of vocal wails and roars, Skyliner's sound collides with pure-toned, high-volume guitars, bass, and drums, creating an alchemical fusion that both pays homage to the classic era of heavy and power metal and pushes the boundaries to new heights.
In "Dark Rivers, White Thunder", Skyliner delves into earthy, tribal themes and underpinnings, both in their lyrics and their music, adding a distinctive feel and atmosphere to the record. It's a bold exploration that further defines their unique sound and showcases their musical prowess.
Fans of powerhouses such as Devin Townsend, Royal Hunt, and Eternal Champion are in for an absolute treat with Skyliner's latest offering. "Dark Rivers, White Thunder" combines progressive musicianship with the raw essence of traditional heavy metal. The band's versatile vocalist spans a range of styles, from epic Iron Maiden-esque wails to the soaring screams reminiscent of Judas Priest, and even delves into sinister growls that will satisfy any die-hard death metal fan. Accompanying the vocal prowess is a thunderous rhythm section that will have you pumping your fists in the air, fully immersed in the energy of the music.
Zach Moonshine aptly summarizes the experience of Skyliner's album: "Their album, Dark Rivers, White Thunder, has progressive musicianship mixed with elements of traditional heavy metal. Skyliner has several ranges of vocal styles, starting with epic Iron Maiden-esque wailing, screaming that is reminiscent of Judas Priest, and sinister growls that will make any death metal head happy. All of that is tied together with a thunderous rhythm section that will have you fist pumping the sky in no time!"
The album's track listing promises an unforgettable musical experience, with titles such as "Break The Surface", "The Ghost Messenger", "Winter Witch Moon (Spell Of Ice)", and "I Walk Alone". Each track is a testament to Skyliner's dedication to crafting an immersive and captivating sonic landscape.
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With "Dark Rivers, White Thunder," Skyliner has unleashed a sonic storm that will leave listeners exhilarated and hungry for more. Brace yourselves for an epic metal voyage like no other.