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TRUTH to POWER Shakes the Metal Scene with Their Blistering EP "Claim Your Freedom" - Unleashing Thrash/Hardcore Fury!
Prepare for a headbanging extravaganza as Gainesville, GA-based metal powerhouse dominates the stage
Get ready to ignite your passion for metal once again as Truth to Power takes the stage by storm. With their explosive EP, "Claim Your Freedom," released six months ago on December 26, 2022, this relentless force of thrash and hardcore is here to claim their rightful place in the metal pantheon. Brace yourselves for an adrenaline-fueled journey.
Led by the formidable Chris Chalmers, Truth to Power was born in the mid-2010s as a one-man project. But as the band's ambition grew, so did their lineup. In 2021, Chris joined forces with the talented Kellan Scalf and Codye Satterwhite at The Maelstrom Studio, setting in motion the creation of "Claim Your Freedom." The result? A blistering collection of tracks that will pummel your senses and leave you breathless.
Drawing inspiration from titans of metal like Lamb of God, Everytime I Die, and Pantera, Truth to Power delivers an onslaught of bone-crushing riffs, thunderous drums, and guttural vocals that will awaken your primal instincts. Each track on "Claim Your Freedom" is a declaration of sonic rebellion, designed to incite headbanging mayhem and unleash the beast within.
Since the EP's release, Truth to Power has cemented their lineup, adding the masterful Butch Cunningham on drums, as well as guitarists Gabe Sweeney and Jonathan Lovall. This united front of talent brings an unyielding intensity to the stage, igniting a firestorm of energy that captivates audiences and leaves a lasting impression.
To experience the unrelenting power of Truth to Power, look no further than their electrifying video for the title track, "OMEGA". This visual masterpiece encapsulates the raw energy that defines the band. Prepare to have your world shattered:
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For the collectors and purists among us, "Claim Your Freedom" is also available on Bandcamp. Grab your copy and let the power of Truth to Power resonate through your speakers:
Apple Music enthusiasts, fear not! "Claim Your Freedom" can be found on the Apple platform as well. Download it and surrender yourself to the unyielding force of metal:
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Join the revolution, embrace your freedom, and let the relentless power of Truth to Power redefine the very essence of metal. Prepare for a wild ride that will shatter your expectations and reignite your love for the genre.
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