ZOË - Back Into The Light


Remember When ZOË Brought Us Back Into The Light: Unleashing Hard-Hitting Stoner Rock!

In the spirit of nostalgia, let's take a trip down memory lane and revisit ZOË's electrifying fourth album, "Back Into The Light". This French powerhouse unleashed their hard-hitting stoner rock sound on September 29, 2020, leaving fans craving more of their intoxicating blend of psychedelia, '70s vibes, and pure rock power.
"Back Into The Light" is a 10-track masterpiece that pulsates with the essence of stoner rock. ZOË delves into the depths of the genre, weaving intricate melodies and embracing the captivating energy reminiscent of the '70s rock era.
Led by the dynamic lineup of Fred Barroit on vocals and guitar, Aldo Ségard on guitar, Holy Capitaine on drums, and Clem Burette on bass, ZOË delivers a sonic onslaught that leaves listeners craving more.
Recorded and mixed by the talented Olivier T'Servrancx at Electrik Box and Boss Hog studios, the album's powerful production captures the raw energy and essence of ZOË's live performances. Mastered by the renowned Goran Finnberg at The Mastering Room AB, every note and riff on "Back Into The Light" is finely tuned to deliver maximum impact.
For those who want to relive the magic or discover it for the first time, "Back Into The Light" is available on various formats, including LP and CD.
Get ready to be transported to a realm where stoner rock reigns supreme, and the riffs hit harder than a freight train.
If you're a fan of Motörhead, Monster Magnet, or The Cult, ZOË's brand of hard stoner rock is sure to captivate your senses and leave you begging for more. So crank up the volume, unleash your inner rock god or goddess, and let ZOË's infectious grooves take you on a wild ride.
Let's embrace the spirit of reminiscing as we celebrate ZOË's monumental album, "Back Into The Light," and relive the magic it brought us in 2020.
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