Death Decline - "The Thousand Faces of Lies"


There's nothing quite like listening to Excellent Death Decline with their album "The Thousand Faces of Lies" while preparing lunch.

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Death Decline - The Thousand Faces Of Lies
Death Decline: Shredding Eardrums and Unleashing Metal Mayhem
Are you ready to dive headfirst into a mosh pit of pure metal mayhem? Look no further than Death Decline, the French thrash metal powerhouse that has been shaking the foundations of the genre since their formation in 2008. Hailing from the land of fine wine and even finer riffs, Dijon, these relentless headbangers have been on a mission to conquer the metal world, one blistering riff at a time.
Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Death Decline endured numerous lineup changes and a slew of face-melting concerts before solidifying their formation in late 2014. Their relentless pursuit of sonic destruction led them to unleash their first demon... I mean, demo, "Bloodstained Redemption", upon the world in 2012. This raw display of unadulterated aggression left fans thirsting for more, and Death Decline was just getting started.
In a world where heavy metal is both feared and revered, Death Decline unleashed their debut album, "Built for Sin", upon the unsuspecting masses in June 2015. Recorded at the legendary Warmaudio, this auditory assault defied their youthful status and garnered them a legion of devoted followers. Embarking on a 20-date tour, Death Decline left a trail of demolished eardrums and satisfied metalheads in their wake.
But they didn't stop there. Oh no, these French metal maestros were only warming up. In November 2017, they entered the hallowed halls of Vamacara Studio to record their sophomore album, "The Thousand Faces Of Lies", released in October 2018. This sonic onslaught propelled them to conquer the stages of France and its neighboring lands, including a jaw-dropping performance on the hallowed Hellstage at the 2019 edition of Hellfest Open Air. Talk about melting faces and summoning the dark forces of metal!
Fast forward to 2021, and Death Decline graced us with their latest opus, "The Silent Path". Brace yourself, because this album is a relentless onslaught of bone-crushing riffs, thundering drums, and demonic vocals that will leave you begging for mercy. From start to finish, "The Silent Path" takes you on a journey through the darkest depths of the metal realm. It's an auditory experience that will have you headbanging, air-guitaring, and screaming along with every song. Trust me, this is an album you don't want to miss.
Now, let's talk about Death Decline's moment of glory on the international stage. Picture this: the unholy marriage of the TV show South Park and the legendary death metal titans, Dying Fetus. In this twisted crossover, Death Decline's track "Useless Sacrifice" blared alongside the chaotic mayhem of these death metal veterans. It was a match made in metal heaven, catapulting Death Decline into the realms of international exposure. The world trembled in the wake of their brutal sound, and metalheads across the globe hailed their arrival.
To give you a taste of their discography, Death Decline has left a trail of destruction with their studio albums:
- "Built For Sin" (2015): A baptism of fire that showcased their raw talent and set the stage for their relentless assault on the metal scene.
- "The Thousand Faces Of Lies" (2018): A tour de force that solidified their place among metal's elite. Brace yourself for an intense auditory rollercoaster ride that will leave you begging for more.
- "The Silent Path" (2021): The latest chapter in their saga of darkness and metal supremacy. Prepare to be ensnared by their sonic web of devastation and despair.
But let's not forget their humble beginnings. In 2012, Death Decline released their demo, "Bloodstained Redemption," a tantalizing taste of the carnage that awaited the metal world.
Now, let's meet the bloodthirsty members of Death Decline:
- Fabien Legué - Guitars (since 2011): Shredding riffs with the precision of a samurai warrior.
- Alexandre Morel - Bass Guitar (since 2012): Thunderous bass lines that shake the very foundations of your soul.
- Alexis Fleury - Vocals (since 2014): Unleashing guttural growls and demonic screams that will haunt your nightmares.
- Jordan Henriques - Guitars (since 2014): Unleashing a storm of crushing riffs that will leave you in awe.
- Arnaud Fournet - Drums (since 2018): Pummeling the skins with the fury of a thunder god.
Together, these metal maniacs form Death Decline, a force to be reckoned with in the world of metal. Their music is a relentless assault on the senses, a maelstrom of sonic chaos that will transport you to the darkest corners of your soul.
So, my fellow metalheads, if you're ready to embrace the fury and immerse yourself in a symphony of headbanging madness, Death Decline is the band you've been waiting for. Prepare for a journey through the realms of thrash and death metal, guided by the masters of sonic destruction themselves. Trust me, it's an experience you won't soon forget. Horns up, and let the metal flow!