Deteriorot - "The Rebirth"


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Unleash the Death Metal Apocalypse with Deteriorot's Third Album, "The Rebirth"
Prepare yourself for a cataclysmic assault of bone-crushing death metal as DETERIOROT rises from the depths with their highly anticipated third album, "The Rebirth". Mark your calendars for July 18th, 2023, as XTREEM MUSIC unleashes this auditory onslaught upon the masses. Brace yourself for a chilling journey into the dark realms of death metal.
Hailing from the United States, DETERIOROT has carved their name into the annals of death metal history since their formation in 1990. With an unrelenting intensity and a sound that conjures nightmares, they have shared the stage with legends such as Obituary, Entombed, Cannibal Corpse, Incantation, and Immolation, amassing a devoted following among metal enthusiasts.
"The Rebirth" is a testament to DETERIOROT's mastery of the genre, plunging listeners into a deeper and more haunting soundscape. The album features nine tracks that will drag you into the abyss and leave you gasping for breath. With songs like "Dark Embrace", "Return to Rot" and the bone-chilling title track, "The Rebirth", this album is a relentless onslaught that will resonate with die-hard death metal fans.
DETERIOROT has recently unveiled the lyric video for their second single, "A Nameless Grave", providing a taste of the bone-chilling atmosphere that awaits on "The Rebirth." The track showcases the band's unyielding power, with haunting melodies and guttural vocals that will send shivers down your spine.

In addition to the album release, DETERIOROT is gearing up to headline major festivals in 2023, including the infamous Killtown Deathfest in Copenhagen and Dragonfest in Prague. These highly anticipated appearances solidify their position as one of the leading forces in the death metal scene.
Pre-orders for "The Rebirth" are now available in CD, cassette, and digital formats, with a 12" LP vinyl version set to follow later in the year. Don't miss your chance to be part of the death metal rebirth with DETERIOROT.
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Prepare to be consumed by the darkness as DETERIOROT's "The Rebirth" reigns supreme in the realm of death metal. Are you ready to face the relentless brutality?